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Thread: spasticity question

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    hi, im a c6 and also have really bad spasms. i'm taking baclofen orally right now, but thats not workin so good. i saw you guys talk about a baclofen pump... what is that? and, does it work better than oral baclofen? im not sure if canada has the other meds you were sayin work well, but i think i might look into it!

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    Pash, a baclofen pump is a hockey puck size pump that is placed in the wall of the abdomen and it pumps drug through a cathether inserted into the fluid surrounding the spinal cord. Much higher doses of the drug can be delivered to the spinal cord without as much side-effect on the brain. For people who have severe spasticity that cannot be controlled with oral baclofen, this treatment has been heaven-sent.

    The pump has three disadvantages. First, it is expensive, probably costing $20 thousand to have it implanted. Second, it must be maintained by an experienced clinic and the cathether sometimes plugs up or stops delivering the drug. When it does, the side-effects can be serious. Third, the pump must be refilled every few months. The refills are quite expensive.

    So, you need good insurance and live close to a good clinic that can make sure that the pump is working. But, for severe spasticity, it is probably one of the most effective therapies available. It is not as effective against spasms as it is spasticity, however. To eliminate spasms, you may have to increase the dose to the extent that your muscles are flaccid. In such a case, you may have more muscle atrophy.


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    yea pash, the pump made me feel 100% better. although i had complications it really was a whole lot better than the oral meds. another draw back was that it is pretty good sized pump which bulges out. i do my own transfers an move around a lot, bending over an such so it kinda hindered my movement but you have to decide on whether that would be a prob for you...

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    I've had the baclofen pump, for over 4 years. No problems so far. its doing a wonderful job.
    Medtronic, has a new pump now, its smaller in size & shape. Only needs refill about every 6 mos.


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    thanx you guys. i think i'll increase my dose of baclofen then try the other meds. the spasms are pretty bad and annoying but i don't think to that extreme yet.

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    Hey guys! I have had a baclofen pump for about two years. I had spasms so bad that I couldn't even get in my chair some times and when I did the spasms almost made me jump out of my chair. The baclofen pump for me is a godsend. I would not be able to be independent whatsoever without it. The new baclofen pumps are half of the thickness of the old ones! They also have another model that contains almost twice as much baclofen but they are about the same size as the old ones which are the size of a hockey puck. The smaller sizes are possible because of the battery technology that allows for a much smaller battery. I have fortunately had no problems with mine so far, but even if I did I would definitely recommend one to anybody who suffers from bad spasms that are uncontrollable by oral meds.

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