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Thread: Heterotopic Ossification

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    Heterotopic Ossification

    Does anyone suffer from Heterotopic Ossification(HO, heterotopic bone formation, lots of other names too)? My level is c5/c6 and I have it in both hips and possibly in my knees. My hips just crack and pop and there is burning and pain associated with it. I also have a growth on my right hip(kinda in the groin area) that is pretty large and burns pretty much all the time. Does anyone else have this and if you do, what do you do about it? It makes range of motion interesting finding just the righ way to move my legs to avoid excess pain and popping. I'm not into taking meds for it at all and have a very high pain tolerance. My doc said something to the effect that the bony masses are nasty to have cut out and bleed badly. Has anyone had one cut out?

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    Welcome to the board Wheelinman. If you get an answer to your questions let me know. I'm only 14 months post (T-2) and have a baseball sized mass on the inner side of my right femur, near my groin. A golfball sized growth on the outside of my right ankle, and a mass starting on the right side of my ribcage. If this keeps going, I'll start to look like the elephant man or something.

    I can relate with the range of motion issue. My right leg rotates externally now, due to the mass. The "lucky" thing for me is that I'm a complete and can't feel any pain associated with it. I wish you luck.


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    Wheelinman, I can fully understand your reluctance to dive into surgery given the things your doc told you. Just keep in mind that chronic pain can, in some cases, lead to centralization of the pain. That's basically where the nerves get so used to carrying pain signals that they just start firing on their own, with the pain often getting worse. Sort of a cascade of pain signals. This takes months or longer to happen, so if there are treatment options available give them serious thought.

    You also might check into second opinions for surgery or alternatives for pain treatment. Carbondale isn't all that far from Barnes in St Louis, so it might be worth the trip to be evaluated there if your insurance will cover it. You can do a search for a doctor on the Washington University Physicians website.

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