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Thread: neuro pain relief

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    neuro pain relief

    my pain has pretty much been under tolerable control w/neurontin. i'm also still in pt and getting stronger. i don't think any new recovery has happened but i have been getting more neuro pain lately. i didn't really think we were doing anything different and i've certainly at one time or another had significantly more intense pt. when i do experience this pain the 1st thing i do is tense up and attempt to contract muscles. if i do it strongly enough my pain is relieved. does this happen to anyone else? what exactly does it mean? it only seems to happen if i contract the muscles near where the neuro pain is coming from in the 1st place.

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    jb, this is a shot in the dark and I don't know the nature of your neuro pain, but some people have had temporary relief from neuro pain in the muscles from a type of deep massage that stretches the muscle spindle. By this I mean a deep, pressing, like with your thumb, with no rubbing. Perhaps what you're experiencing is similar to this.

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