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Thread: Really bad cold sweats - HELP!!!!!!!!

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    Really bad cold sweats - HELP!!!!!!!!


    I wonder if anyone can shed any light? Im a tetraplegic having had my accident last Sept. I used to go badly hypothermic in hospital and with this came severe cold sweats on my upper body. I mean it got to the stage where I literally couldnt see as the sweat was constantly in my eyes.

    After months of begging my consultant to help he prescribed me PROBANTHINE/PROBANTHELINE which has worked fabulously up until about 2 months ago - I think Im now resistant to it. Im also on the max dose. Ive tried everything - surgery is not an option for me as I know we'll be cured one day and besides, Ive been under the knife often enough.


    Please help - I am constantly bloody freezing because of this, not to mention a total sweaty betty! - SO MISERABLE

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    I don't have a solution but know a number of people who have had the problem that you describe. For almost everybody, the problem seems to subside with the passage of time. I will continue to look for potential solutions but I agree with you that surgery is not the answer, not only because of the possibility of a cure but because the problem tends to get better with time.


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    Hi -I don't know why it might be only upper body, but be aware that SSRI antidepressants (prozac, zoloft, paxil, etc etc) can occasionally cause very severe sweating. This may occur with one, but not another in the same class- and can be dose-related. Lots of folks use these drugs- but many clinicians aren't familiar with this side effest.
    Good luck!

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    I myself have these sweats and they are very hard to fight. I am a C5 since July 2003. I sweat only in the upper body too. That's because the sweat glans are paralized past point of injury is what the doctor told me in the rehab hospital. The sweats were so bad about 2 months after my injury that the nurses would have to change my sheets twice a night. I had never persperated like that in my life and I worked my butt off in the oilfield turning 36 inch pipe wrenches in the hot summer heat. It was horrible not to be able to sleep because I was so cold and my neck muscles would lock up because I couldn't shiver. Sweat would go in my eyes, ears and everywhere it could annoy me. It took about 4-5 months to back off. Seems that things like Uti's and cold rooms would trigger it. Also I can't be in a room that's too warm or I over heat. I sweat if my bladder get's too full. Seems the more excersize I get the less I get the sweats. I stopped eating and drinking late in the day. I make sure I eat things that can be easily digested to make it easier on the pipes during the night. I hardly sweat at all now and sleep great. Yes it does get better but I didn't think it ever would. Hope it stops for you soon.

    Take care.

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    My daughter had cold sweats above the injury line, (C-5), sometimes on the right quadrant, and sometimes on the left, and finally, on both quadrants together and down to actual armpit odor - a real accomplishment! It lasted a few months, and really drove her crazy as the sweat dripped down her forehead. One doctor prescribed CATAPRES-TTS 2 patches, to subdue somatic responses. Perhaps it helped. Now the cold sweat only occurs mildly and rarely, usually when first getting into her chair in the morning after lying down all night. Good luck, hopefully it will disappear with time for you.

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