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Thread: bowel pain, hate to ask

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    bowel pain, hate to ask

    Incomplete SCI at C5, almost 11 years post. About a year or so ago I've started developing a burning pain in my lower bowels/colon. Feels like pouring salt on an open wound. Sometimes it lasts for a couple of hours, sometimes the entire day. It's usually worst when it wakes me up about three o'clock in the morning. I have a bowel movement every other day, sometimes the pain is there the day after a movement, sometimes the day before. I also started having a lot of gas, which caused a lot of temporary pain when it passed. However, started taking SIMETHICONE a few weeks ago which seems to have helped with the gas, but the pain is worse than ever. The pain also seems to be worse when I have loose stool. I thought maybe it was hemorrhoids, but the person that takes care of my bowel program (suppository) assures me it's not, that she would be able to tell if I had hemorrhoids. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I've been reading about syringomyelic cysts, any possibility that could be the cause? Would greatly appreciate any advice.

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    I've had this since day 1. You should go to a colo-rectal specialist, you may have a rectal fissure or fistula or something. I did that once. It's better now than it was then, (I had surgery on it), but the fact is my ass hurts bad. I always wonder about abcesses, my bro had 1 of those once. That causes pain higher up in the colon, not just the rectum, I think. I would really recommend a professional eval, maybe you don't have to live w/ that pain.

    In my vcase, the supps made the pain worse. It seemed like they burnt. I don't use them any more.
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