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Thread: Breakthrough pain meds?

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    Breakthrough pain meds?

    I've been taking oxycontin(40 mg) twice a day & can't seem to find the right medication for breakthrough pain. I've tried Loratab, Roxicet, & just recently oxycodone. Would anyone please give any suggestions for breakthrough meds because I can't seem to find any that work.

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    pls describe the pain you have as pain is my #1 issue too and I want know if I can extract any answers here. tks.

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    I'm a C-3/4 incomplete. Mostly my pain is in my neck & shoulders as well. When I've been my wheelchair for awhile I become increasingly rigid & spastic with pain in my bottom/buttocks area. I have a baclofen pump to help control the spasticity but not the pain. Please give me any info on breakthrough meds.

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    I was on Oxycontin for a year and it really messed up my life but good.I`m so glad im off that crap,if you dont need to take that crap Ray..dont.There are better ways to help with your pain with little or no side effects.

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    My daughter was given Tylox for breakthrough pain, and that did seem to help her. The biggest difference was when she began taking oxycontin three times a day, not just two. That made all the difference for her. At her worst, she was taking 100mg 3x daily. Now she's at 10mg 3x daily, and is planning on dropping the afternoon dose.

    I wish you luck...hang in there!

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