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Thread: Intercourse causes AD

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    Yes, I wear vinyl gloves and rub the lidocaine all over his penis and scrotum area. When he has a yeast infection, it gives him a raging hard on for some reason, so I use the lidocaine to kill the erection actually - that's how I know I've been successful in deadening the itching sensations even though he can't consciously feel the itching. But for you, the sexual stimulation may be enough to maintain your erection, but the lidocaine may keep the pain/AD away. I hope it works - update if you feel comfortable doing so, or private topic me. I'm curious to know if this works for you.

    Doug, I'm so sorry nothing seems to work for you.... how frustrating that must be for you. Have you ever considered harnesses and dildos? Open minded women don't care how sex happens, it's about enjoying yourself, and speaking for myself, we certainly get creative. I hope that wasn't offensive to you to suggest that, but it's just a thought....

    Ami (a rather adventuresome person in the sex dept if you can't tell already! lol!)

    p.s. I'm happily engaged by the way, I'm not flirting!!! Just clarifying.

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    In no way was it offensive!!!!!!!! I just done't know what to do, maybe have it removed? not good for anything !
    Like I said if Only for one night I could have it back....but..

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    Hi and sorry to hear of your problem.I just wanted to mention that women,at least I know I do,can suffer the same exact type of symptoms you are describing(minus the penis of course,lol)Since the surgery from hell, that caused all of my spinal cord damage,my sex life has also become a total nightmare.And it really,really sucks!!among other things, I suffered significant damage to the thalamic tract and sympathetic nervous system.The thalamic damage caused what is called Brown-Sequard syndrome.This causes loss of sensory from just under my R breast, over to the midline and all the way down to the bottom of my foot on the R side.The really maddening thing about this is that it also cuts exactly down the middle of the vaginal area as well.while i can feel even light touch on the R side, when you stick a needle into the skin there, all I feel is the sensation not the pain.I also will feel hot as cold and cold as hot.But since I have lost this 'fine touch" it makes it virtually impossible to actually have an orgasm.It also will cause me great pain even when I try to acheive one as I feel changes like it could be closer and closer, but as soon as that happens(in women, don't know about men)we will usually get these 'waves"?of "something" that feels like it is building?Unfortunetly, with every wave that used to be pleasure,is now a nasty wave of more of a pain instead.It comes from just outside the vaginal area and will kind of go in then up into the very low abdomen area.God this Sucks!!you know, it is bad enough that we have to suffer horrible levels of pain and disabilities,why is the one and only and most 'special' thing that you can possibly share with the one person you love most in the whole wide world,also taken from us? I would gladly take on more pain someplace else if i could just have this one special thing back that I could still share with my husband of almost 24 years.even at twenty three years, we still had a great sex life.i feel so very badly for my husband as this is not fair to him either you know?while we can still be rather creative, that one very special part is gone now and it just really makes me rather sad,and angry at times too.i really DO know just how you all feel,really.just remember, this happens with women too.i really do hope that you find something that will allow you once again to feel that feeling with no pain.good luck,Marcia

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    I am very interested in temperature reversal. Would you be kind enough to say a little more about what "hot as cold and cold as hot" is like. Do you ever feel both together?

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    The idea of Lidocaine is probabley not a good idea, in addition to deading the nerve sensation in your penis is will also deaden the nerve sensations of your partner. I have also heard that the use of lidocaine can be bad for the heart as it works its way into the bloodstream through your skin.

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    dejerine,it is kinda hard to explain the temp thing but basically, when I place something hot on my R side affected by the Brown-sequard syndrome,it actually feels cold,but when I place something cold on that same area,it will feel warm to me.It also affects some sort of nerve in relation to feeling surface pain(for some reason it does not change the deep pain that I feel with the RSD,go figure)iwhile i can feel some pretty light touch, you could take a pin and stick it into my R stomach or leg and all I will feel is the sensation,not one bit of pain.The only one place where this is no longer true is the extreme hypersensitive area on the inside of my knee that constantly is body is such a flippin mess that when something painful or wierd happens i will go to my primary and it is usually something related to my sympathetic nervous system damage(yes they managed to damage that too).i honestly just don't know what in the hell normal is anymore.marcia

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    Thanks. That is extremely interesting. Have you ever heard of ciguatera poisoning. I met a person who had ingested some of this red tide algae and they too had the temperature reversal and I could substitute your description with his and you would hardly know the difference.

    He told me his doctor said he had his wires crossed, which is as good a description as any. In my own case, the burning has an element of cold, and cold is felt as burning, so there is an element in me, but not as well developed as in you.

    When I say there is an element of cold, it is true, but I cannot tell you WHERE. I do not feel any cold as part of the burning in my mouth, but in my limbs I can tell it is there, but it is NOT anywhere I can specifically describe. I don't know what normal is anymore either, and haven't from about six months into it. I forgot touch.

    I would only say that to you, since you are a little confused too. I certainly do NOT say that to my shrink/neurologist, because experts are too rigid to accept any sensation that doesn't have a precise location.

    Cold is in the mix, but it doesn't have a place. I read something about atopoesthesia at David's site, and I have that. Problems with locating the skin surface in my mind.

    I also have the loss of sensation, and can cut myself without detecting it until it is too late and the thing is way into my flesh, but when something sharp is pushed into the flesh, reaches a point where it suddenly kicks in and feel very, very sharp, sharper than anything ever felt before. My doctor calls this Boivie's Paradox. Loss of sensation, mixed with hyperpathia/hyperalgesia.

    It makes you wonder how cold and non cold are handled in the brain. Thanks again. I like to reassure myself I am not cuckoo. Man, I am in a fry right now, just got off the sheets, this is ridiculous.

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    dejerine.i have come up with a new medical description for what we is total body confusion.what do you think,lol?i am constantly amazed at the bizarre nature of all of the pains and off the wall sensations that keep popping up inside various places of my body.I keep getting these really strange "flushes" of hot and cold that kinda start at my R knee and will send this wave down through the rest of the leg and into my foot.It just goes over and over.Some feel hot some feel cold,and sometimes it will feel like if you cut off the circulation for a couple minutes,and how it feels when you let go?That wave of what feels like the blood rushing back into the foot?I have finally been actually Dxed with RSD in my knee.I don't know if you remember about six months ago?i came here looking for answers for the swelling and pain in my R knee?i also had that glob of something about the size of a golfball behind the knee?well, the bakers cyst(which was the final Dx after MRI)has decided to move in the rest of the family and I now have quite a few more in knee looks so horribly deformed right now when you look at it from the has become extremely swollen as the RSD has progressed into the next stage and am now getting the flush of red coloring in it,but my foot is as white as a sheet and my capillary refill there is at about5-6 seconds.this is one really bizarre condition.I know that the B cysts are pressing on certain nerves inside the knee but i cannot have them removed as when people with RSD have like any type of even minor procedures done on an affected extremity it can cause a very bad reaction there that causes a big increase in ortho,about three months ago decided to aspirate some fluid that had developed behind the patella?OOOO boy was that ever a mistake!He also gave me a cortisone shot to try and reduce some inflammation.big mistake there too.about fifteen minutes after I left his office, i started to feel this really deep burning inside the knee(I had burning there before but not this deep or anywhere near as intense)god, it felt like there was a blow torch inside burning the flesh from the inside out.luckily i had an appt with my pain doc two hours later and they upped my BT meds for about two weeks until it managed to settle down somewhat,but I am left now with a really huge increase in burning inside there now.I go to see him again tomorrow for an eval to see if i can do ANYTHING to try and reduce this hidius pain caused by the B cysts.Between the central pain in my upper torso and this mess in my R leg,i feel just sooo very overwhelmed sometimes.My depression is at an all time high as well.The only good thing that gave me a lift last week was that I was FINALLY approved for disability.that was a rather hellish least now I can help to pay all of mine and my sons medical bills.Thats a whole nother nightmare.I am just hoping that the ortho has some ideas here for me as this is just all becoming so difficult to deal with you know?i feel like I am some kind of assault victm who is being terrorized on a 24/7 basis by my pain and the horrid sensations from hell.i am sure you feel this as well.and believe me, my heart goes out to you.this is just not where I expected my life to be at this tender age of 43.i wish you a calm day dejerine.Marcia

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    Total body confusion is a wonderfully descriptive term. My pain too much to do typing today, making me nauseated. G.D. Schott, British author said RSD isn't due to sympathetics, but rather nerves that run with blood vessels. I think the cite is at David's site. Thank you for your very interesting post.

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