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Thread: looks like stenosis neuropathic pain

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    Yes, the neurontin had the same effect on me, the bloating and the high doses need to relieve the pain! I was given it years ago for pain, before the stenosis, (and other problems,) were found... I also had strange "siezure," like incidents, which were put off to "emotional," before the dx.

    I too, have decided that the percocet is the best way for me to go when it comes pain...the patches were too strong, and coming off them is so very painful even dangerous with the spasms being so severe, they could possibly cause some damage to my already injured back.
    There is something that I don't like being commited to a narcotic for "who knows how long," to stop the pain, but the alternative is not an option...I was wondering if you ever feel this way?
    How mobile are you if you dont' mind me asking?
    Because my first surgery, to correct the stenosis was "botched," I handed it off to an attorney last week, so I can concentrate on healing...
    The frightening thing, and perhaps you feel this as that even with mild stenosis, one much always watch it and be aware that it could worsen...
    I have now, two scars on my neck where the surgeon entered and I am not yet in a place where it is in the past, as the last surgery was on Aug. 26. Another frightening thing is that the metal,"failed," in my neck and by the time they removed it, almost a year later, I had a bulging disc above where the metal was implanted and some problem below it as well.
    Sometimes it seems you can't win!

    Thank you for your reply!


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    i am very mobile on good days, except when the weight bearing foot pain is so bad i cant walk. i find a cane makes a big difference , not so much for falling, and not that it really help my mechanical weight bearing pain in my foot. i find that the cane keeps my lumbar straighter and less stress on the lower back when i walk, less hip hiking, and lumbar movement equals less pain at night.. i think.. it so strange though i had a couple days that i did really nothing and the shocks in my foot woke me up at 130am even though i took 2 percocet at 1130pm and 20 mg of amitripyline taken at 8am and a skelaxin muscle relaxer taken at 8 pm too. i still needed another percocet to unsuccessfully quell the pain. and that's been happening on days i am more active and days i do nothing. i need a anti seizure med to the mix .
    i had the 1st lumbar sympathetic nerve block yesterday and , last night the pain was much better, i took only 10 mg of amitripyline and slept very well m and no shocks at 3am....i still gave some slight burning, but that is minor compared to the extreme shocks i have been getting,

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    I'm happy to hear you had a better time with the pain! That is great!
    Can you explain the Lumbar block a bit?
    I am going to a pain clinic here where I am, (the hosptital is supposed to be one of the best, course you never know,) and looking at options for pain control. I don't have a lot YET, although I remember before the surgery the nights, for a year of waking up and having to stay up until I could find the right combo to stop the pain!
    I want to take the best approach to it and the healthiest. It sounds as if a nerve block helped you so I was wondering what it is exactly? I have heard of it, but not researched it yet.
    Again, I thank you for the post, I was wondering how you were doing, and I am happy to hear you have some relief.

    I know what you mean about walking in the way that causes the least pain. I have trouble in the C's but I have to do the same thing, I have to find what movements, in my arms, not just my neck, (even in my legs at times,) that will help stop the pain before it starts... It is such a hassle and sometimes feels like a JOB, no?
    Good to hear from you, nycguy.


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    I don't know if I mentioned somewhere in my exchange with you that for about a year before my second surgery, I was on a fentanyl patch, which proved for me, to be a real problem..

    Detox as as horrible an experience as I would want to have. I am frightened of that kind of pain control.

    I know of the long acting Oxycontin, etc, and wondered if that is what you are using? If so, how do you feel it works for you?

    I am faced with a decision soon, and truthfully, you are the first person to respond openly regarding chronic pain and stenosis, ( I also have a new bulging disc, that happened between surgeries, the metal, "failing," as was told to my insurance co.

    Thanks again, you are kind to help.

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    the sympathetic nerve block is not something i can explain yet. i need to read more about it, but it is used to treat RSD/CRPS, which is what they think i have developed since i had a trauma to my cauda equina nerve compromised foot.
    from what i understand of the sympathetic block, i do not believe it should work on stenosis type pain.
    this procedure is also a useful diagnostic tool, to find out what the pain really is.
    i originally had central/neuropathic pain in my foot form my injury/surgery in June of 2001.
    eventually with 2x a week of acupuncture and 3200mg of neurontin , plus a tricyclic and breakthrough pain meds, i was able have mainly good days, nights were still 20% evil.
    than when i fell on the foot, i developed a excruciating mechanical/weight bearing nerve pain in my metatarsal area of foot that nobody could fix . that went away when i sat down , however the syndrome of foot turning bright red, flushing temperature change, started becoming very evident..
    it has become very complicated, pain literally took over my whole night, fortunately most days i was able to make tolerable as long as i could ride my bike to do my ADL, the more weight bearing on my foot , the more pain and the nights became 100% evil. i have never taken the oxycontin meds, relying on percocet.
    but if i knew they would work i would not be hesitant to try them, the percocet i take i cant go out or drive on, since it really whacks me up, maybe the oxycontin would enable ADL, like the ultram has done for me in the past during the day

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    Yes, I think the block would not work on my pain. I have an appnt, (I think I mentioned this,) with the pain clinic in the hospital that performed my surgery and I will post what the results are...
    I was on so much opiate between surgeries, and sense the surgery had failed and it was discovered late, I am now very gun-shy about the patches and that form of pain reliever! The detox was hell. I guess if I didn't ever have to come off them, they would be an alternative. The think is, I now have enough pain to need to medicate it, but don't want too much pain reliever, that is, more than I need. You and I are around the same age so I think you can understand it. The possiblility of needing a narcotic, (which I do now, in percocet,) for the rest of my life is daunting, but if that is to be, what can we do...? I struggle with this reality.
    I found out the true nature of my illness/pain only a year or so ago although the pain had become so intolarable that I had to quit work, I was medded with ridiculas med's that had nothing to do with the problem and I was RUSHED and not given a lot of information once an MRI was done on my spine. Although I had leg numbness that was frightening for some time, I dropped things, and my pain grew to the point of going for demoral shots every other day right before the "telling," MRI, no one checked me out, not even the neurologists I saw over the years. I think that because I looked well, (that is as a professional dancer, Ballet and Jazz,) I was able to do my job to a point, no one suspected I could be in such danger!
    so...I am still adjusting to ALL the problems they found in my spine, the stenosis, which remains mild in the area they did not operate on, the constant nagging pain, the two surgeries, and even the tumor in one of my vertabre. I am new to this and trying very hard to educate myself so that I can take the best care of myself!
    I did have red and hot areas of my body when I was between surgeries...for example my knees would wake me up burning a red, I would kick out and even yell at times until a medication could take care of it?! That sort of thing is a hell on earth in a way, which is why I was so happy you did not wake up in the night after the block! (I hope that is still the case!) To keep track of all the areas that are hot and cold on me is not possible and they change all the time, I am still working on that. I have lost those nightly wakings, but I hope this lasts! Now I suffer from a nagging pain in the C area, too much to ignore and needing some help. I also have to keep an eye on the stenosis in the area that was not fixed. I have a new "bulging disc," above where the metal was, but it is not certain whether or not this is the case. It seems that the MRI report said it could be spurs, or something else so I am going to an ortho to examine the film and hopefully get an answer that is clearer...
    Again, I am new to this, and with that, there is much fear... I now know how close I came to breaking my neck at C-5 and doing the most damage possible from that and the time I walked around I was told it was "stress," and in my head!
    I am in Arizona, and the University of Arizona carries a pretty good reputation for medical...I would travel for a better doctor if I knew that was needed.
    I thank you, NYCguy, for the help, support and answers to a "newbie," that is really not a newbie to this form of disease, if only someone had dxed me!
    Any information is "food," for my slight and sometimes larger fear, and my hope to connect with those who have the problems I have.
    I am a curious person, educated and willing to learn, I am happy you continue to post to me.
    If you would like, my mail is:, feel free to use it if you would like to write about anything you don't want to put on a forum!
    Thank you again,

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