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Thread: Baclofen pump for pain & spasms

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    Hello there; on the topic of meds...I'm taking 2400mg of gabopenten daily plus i take 10mg of baclofen anf 10mgs of hydromorphone each night to control pain...are these amounts a direct danger to me driving? I just want to make sure that my auto insurance will still cover me given my pain med regime.

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    That is a good question and look forward to a good answer. What is the auto insurance take on meds such as gabapentin and opiates? Sounds like you take the hydromorphone at night so that it is probably not around during the day when you would be driving. Unless of course if you were a night time pizza deliverer. I don't think that Neurontin would have any driving restrictions. But the question of an accident and subsequent litigation would be an issue. Pretty much everyone here is in the same boat in terms of meds and operating heavy machinery like automobiles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CHAD View Post
    I have had a pump for three years and I would shoot anyone who would take it from me. I have a mixture of baclofen,morphine and klonidine. NO SPASMS, NO PAIN AND NO SIDE AFFECTS WHAT SOEVER!!! email me if you have any questions. CHAD
    Hi there. My brother fell 2 months ago and was on a vent. He's now in re-hab with C3, C4 and C5 injuries incomplete. He's often in a lot of pain and has spasms. The doctors have recommended a drug pump and ITB therapy. I've read it might be a bit early for him. What do you think? Also, weren't you scared of the op going wrong? I read you had catheter leak.

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