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Thread: Repenting about Cassini 3.3

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    I will be looking foreward to your after post.

    It often goes through my imagination that perhaps all the other planets were at one time full of lifeforms.

    Maybe we are just seeing what Earth will look like after we destroy it. Like in the future
    humans will look like ET. Until the lack of oxygen finally just causes all life to fade away. At least then there will be no more pain.

    " I hate war only as a soldier who has lived it can.
    Only as one who has seen it's brutality, it's futility, it's stupidness." Dwight D. Eisenhower

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    To me -its a shame throwing/wasting money for expencive space explorations without fixing problems on Earth

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    THE NASA OF OUR DISCONTENT by Wm. Shakespeare

    Scene: The conference room at the National Institutes of Health.

    Dr. Genetics: Wherefore O Dr. Biochem, we must uncover the secret of how life began on earth.

    Dr. Biochem: Forsooth. Why is that?

    Dr. Genetics: To cure or not to cure. How is the question.

    Dr. Biochem: Agreed. O Dr. Genetics. Therefore let us take ourselves hence, to yon treasury, and spend it all upon mighty Titan.

    Dr. Genetics: The god? What needeth he our humble coin.

    Dr. Biochem: Nay, upon the moon Titan. That will tell us how life began.

    Dr. Genetics: Are you out of your freaking mind?

    NASA's shameless promotion of their expensive hobby as an aid to life science is beyond comment. NASA used the old set of cue cards and said exactly what we predicted they would say, just tape record every other NASA report and play it over again. NASA is saying the "exciting" data confirm what we already believed. Wait a minute. If we already believed it, and we didn't know how life began then, how does confirming what we ALREADY knew and believed tell us how life began on earth???? NASA is going Woooo, Orange moon, but they already knew it was orange. I told you that before the landing. They already knew that methane was on Titan and would be liquid at the high pressures and low temperatures. So what exactly did they find new to tell us how life began??? ORANGE. That is the secret. If you know ORANGE, you know how life began. From frozen smog. Just take the smog, run a little liquid nitrogen over it, and presto, out comes life. Yes, Titan is prebiotic, the universe is prebiotic. What does that prove? Semantics for sterile void and unorganized. What we need is an antiprebiotic. Would save a lot of money.

    The data are in, the tears shed at the control center, the media frenzied, and we still know nothing about how life began but the research budget is 3.3 billion poorer. The mission did not learn one thing about Earth or Life except that we are going to have a hard time finding any in our Solar System outside earth. NASA's infomercial is over. "Prebiotic" actually means "cold dead lifeless space rock". The tears now go to the life scientists who could have made good use of the 3.3 billion dollars, maybe to fight pain.

    The parish priest of Osterlie
    Climbed into a high church steeple
    So that he might be near to God
    And hand His word down, to the people
    And he cried from out the steeple
    Where art thou Lord?
    And the Lord replied,
    Down here, among the people.

    The Middle Ages at least have magnificent cathedrals which remain as testament of the extraction of wealth by the mighty from the poor, even as the Black Plague wiped out half the population of Europe. Money that could have been used to relieve crowding was spent lavishly on edifices that cannot be matched even today. They are monuments to wealth squandered as the population suffered. They were said to have caused a crisis of faith, and no wonder. What edifice will we have from Titan. A couple of orange photographs. The people of the future will not need them. They will be able to flit back and forth at a fraction of the cost should they need to, which they almost certainly will not. The furnace that is the stars makes elements all along the periodic table and therefore does not bypass carbon. Wherever we go, we find carbon and hydrogen, hence methane. It tells us nothing about Earth that we didn't already know. NASA will be our secular monument, and there will be little beauty, the only excuse for the excesses of another age.

    In school I was required to read Clausewitz's famous book on war. The main idea: All wars are personal, a disagreement between individuals. To accomplish war, the leaders must convince the public it is their war too. That seems to be NASA's pattern. People who never heard of Titan, and will not benefit a whit from its exploration are temporarlly convinced it is a burning concern of THEIRS, not just the physicists at NASA, who have nice homes and a good retirement waiting. They are even heroes. What could be better? Curing Pain? Curing Cancer. No way. Research in the life sciences means very long PhD programs, a year of low paid fellowship in a big city, no health insurance, and poor pay at the end of it all. The only reward. You helped mankind. That seems to drive some people, thank goodness.

    I lose respect for the media when they are so taken in. Titan was a Scientific Viet Nam. Huge expenditure for nothing.

    Even former NASA leaders have declared it is a boondoggle. The main purpose of any large institution is to perpetuate its existence. I remember when NASA was predicted to fold. They had no mission. The new head asked employees for ideas to justify their existence. One note in the suggestion box mentioned an old article about a meteorite in Antarctica which had come from Mars. There was a remote possibility life on earth got here on a comet or meteorite. Why not study it. NASA not only studied it, they went to MARS. This idea saved NASA. They are still working it, the idea they will explain how life got here. We will continue to pay until someone declares that the emporer has no clothes. If NASA's info from Titan is so darn helpful to life scientists, why isn't NIH setting up a group to process the "precious" data. Because it isn't precious, isn't helpful, and is entirely irrelevant to the life sciences. NASA got a few expensive snapshots, the meaning of which is and will remain unclear.

    When Cassini was first publicized, NASA said it would provide information about how life began on earth. During the landing, NASA said it would provide clues, then hints, then they said they there was hope for some hints.

    Clausewitz is right. Wars are personal. The public must merely be made to believe it is their war.

    Tonight, when the sheets are burning you raw, curl up with a picture from Huygens. It will make you feel so much better. And if you wish, send a copy to the children at St. Jude's with leukemia. They and their parents will be grateful. After a while, you will know who the real hero scientists are.

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    Good news. Hundreds of millions of more research dollars have been used to send another rocket to the International Space Station to study waves from earth. Yes, the ISS is still holding together and able to soak up more money. For more than a year, the space guys have been trying to come up with some justification for spending more money on a project which has so far proven only that sitting in a little capsule is dang boring. Unwittingly, this latest excuse to keep the ISS going may provide some miniscule knowledge about the brain. We suspect the Russians thought of it because they have been doing the "Waves R Us" thing for decades.

    Although determined to suck up all research money in the world and throw it into space, NASA has inadvertently allowed some of their research to have a bearing on brain science. We must not tell them of a hint of practical value or they will be very put out.

    This touch on something related to humans was not intentional of course, since practical value to mankind was the last goal of NASA, and was merely a convenient veneer for guys good in mathematics to convince taxpayers that life was best studied where no life of any kind could exist. The mathematicians think we are much stupider than they are and will buy anything.(They are correct of course, given the billions we devote to "space" and DeLay's statement that the space station in his district in Texas has nothing personal or pork barrel in it, but merely makes his "spirit soar") NASA gives us a chance to convince ourselves we are actually scientists, because even if, like them, we have no idea what they are actually talking about, we can look at the pictures on TV, and decide we are engaged in an historic venture to justify our going to Star Wars Conventions in our silly outfits. Yes, NASA promises they will help us "Get a Life", and we believe them.

    The Russians have been absolutely gaga over "waves" (electromagnetism) and have been using them for years to beam into the US embassy to "derange" the minds of diplomats and visiting presidents. So much money was spent on these experiments that the expense must have contributed to the downfall of the Soviet Communists in some way.

    And presumably the effects on the minds of our diplomats and government officials whose brains were microwaved while in Russia has contributed to derangements observable in our political priorities, such as the recent elimination of bankruptcy (bankruptcy proven by the recent Harvard study to be most often the result of catastrophic medical bills by people who actually HAVE health insurance--it was the copay which they couldn't afford). Congress compassionately refused to exempt from their bankruptcy elimination those whose financial disasters resulted from serving in Iraq and victims of identity theft. It is nice to know Congress is looking out for the fabulously wealthy financial and credit industries rather than the little guys who get sick. It is hard to believe Dongress couldn't distinguish between spendthrift college students actually using the blank checks credit card companies forced on them as opposed to innocent people with medical catastrophes, and given hospital costs, it doesn't take much to make a catastrophe these days. In our town, it takes on average a quarter of a million dollars for a geriatric to have a heart attack and crump. It's NOT the doctors--my friend who is an internist said the insurance company paid him six hundred dollars for two months care of a heart attack victim and the hospital got all the rest. The biggest landowner in the county is becoming to be the local hospital chain, which seizes properties over these deaths and the expenses they generate. My friend, a lawyer, (sorry he forced himself on me) told me the hospital has more lawsuits going than anyone else in the county, to take farms, homes, etc.

    Anyway, the brain has its waves and some of them are at the same frequency as that of the earth, around 7 hz. The waves of central pain in the thalamus are about 0.2 to 0.5 hz. (A hertz ia a cycle per second type of unit). Deep brain electrodes giving off signal at 25 hz and above are said to block central pain, by creating a confusing buzz.

    This kind of work is currently illegal in the US, as it failed to prove out. I came very close to having these wires in my head, but my doctor stopped his series right at me, so my scalp does not trail out wires, making it more convenient to get my head close to the fan to ease the burning. Currently we know that electric pulses to the motor cortex of the brain seems to easy central pain, but also may create phantom limbs which have central pain. Bizarre, yes?

    Certain animals, like the hammerhead shark can sense the earth's waves and use it for location. Humans probably sense it also in some way we are unaware of.

    At any rate, electromagnetic radiation basically comes from everything we know about, since everything has an electric charge and if this fluctuates, which it does, magnetism results. EM is made of photons which at the right frequencies cause visible light. It annoys scientists to speak of very small wave lengths so they use instead the familiar and user friendly term, electron volts for things like radioactive particles. They are still talking about light.

    The spinning hot earth core gives off waves and is thought to affect the weather. This low frequency light goes right through earth and into the ionosphere. The military has been trying to destroy the ozone layer with these waves and by spraying lithium or barium into the ionosphere to develop a weather weapon for several years. So far, all they have done is create funny looking clouds. Clouds are in the sky and so is the space station so obviously we needed to spend hundreds of millions of dollars more on "space". One question? Where does space begin? That space station is not very far up there. AND, how did earth get exempted from money for space research??

    Although all these matters can be studied conveniently with a cheap satellite, the space agencies desperate to keep the Russian space station going used the ruse of studying electromagnetic waves "to help study earthquakes" from the space station, an Edsel which is orbiting above earth thanks to the Russians, who of course are funded by us.

    Anyway, the study of the EM waves will probably generate new interest in waves, and given the Russian penchant for waving our brains, may give some tiny morsel of information to help us understand brain waves a little better. Of course, it might be more efficient to just hand the one hundred million over to the pain scientists at the National Institutes of Health who study the thalamus, but what fun would that be. NASA is not yet aware of any human aspect of wave study and has hyped this spaceshot by having schoochildren plant seeds on earth to compare their growth with the seeds they will sprout on the space station as the token human benefit part of the experiment. When we say experiment, we mean we are still testing if we launch millions into space, does it actually make us poorer. NASA is also claiming the wave study might help predict earthquakes, but again, really cheap satellites already do this kind of work and so this claim as a human benefit is rather lame.

    So watch for some interest in brain waves. NASA has to realize they can brand their research of human benefit in this fashion and if they do, maybe someone will wonder about thalamic oscillations, and tell us why we burn.

    And last of all, make careful plans not to require expensive healthcare. You can't declare bankruptcy over it any more.

    And in the meantime, the well paid scientists at NASA continue to claim human benefit for everything they do, with their budget which matches or exceeds all medical research done, but in this particular case the humans benefitted by NASA's spending sprees may actually extend to someone other than those on the NASA payroll. We may actually see some talk about what waves in the brain mean, AFTER NASA realizes they can now claim to be brain scientists, and not just marketers of engineering hype. We hope the benefit to man is greater than the threat to man raised by the possibility that manipulating earth's waves could be made into a weapon that kills millions, as Rosalie Bertell has claimed in her book, "Planet Earth, The Next Weapon".

    Everyone TALKS about the weather, but no one spends billions of dollars via NASA to actually DO anything about it.

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    You have outdone yourself with this one. LOL

    At least now though we have found ONE reason for the Congress and Executive branch we have in our government..

    Imagine the looks on those Russian brain-wave
    machine operators when they have it pointed at Washington and it goes flatlined..

    They will be running around besides themselves..thinking the ever so clever Americans have deviced an anti-brainwave detector shield.

    We better just let them believe that..of course we know the truth don't we?

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