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Thread: Tailbone area pain For Dr. Young

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    Tailbone area pain For Dr. Young

    Dr. Young
    Do you think a neurologist could help me with the tailbone area pain I have been having? It hurts to sit for any time at all. I have to lean forward to keep pressure off of it, and I'm using a coxynic cushion also. the only comfort I get at all is when I lay down, but I can't do that all the time

    T-12 incomplete 10-3-02

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    T-12 incomplete 10-3-02

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    Guess I don't have a valid question

    T-12 incomplete 10-3-02

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    It is a valid question, just a very busy and probably tired Dr. Young. Tailbone pain is common in situations like yours. It can be caused by more than one reason. When you have pain like this, that causes you to further adjust and interrupt your life, you need an evaluation by a doctor. Do you have a good primary care doctor? I think in this case that would be the place to begin. There are people I have heard from who have actually had that small set of bones removed to alleviate their pain where it is concerned. I would definately go see a doctor. I do not know if a neurologist is the right choice. It would seem wise to begin with the primary care doc and go from there. Hope this helps.


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    The fact that your tailbone pain diminishes when you lie down suggests strongly that it is noxious pain rather than neuropathic pain. This means that pressure on the tailbone is activating nerves in the tailbone. I am wondering whether you injured your tailbone at some point and whether you have had a CT scan to see if there is any problem (such as a fracture) in the sacrum. I am not familar with the efficacy of different cushions but if the coxynic is not helping, you should try other cushions that put less pressure. Have you tried regular anti-inflammatory drugs (such as ibuprofen, COX-2 inhibitors)? Wise.

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    I do have a good GP I go to see next week She told me it was pressure from where the nerve ending's exit the spine this did not happen to start hurting until I went to work. The chairs they had there came up or curved up at the tailbone area, since then I have had the trouble. Even though I have not worked since the 1rst of April it still continue's They have catscanned, bonescanned and a MRI when they found my burst. I am on Bextra for arthitrus in my knees
    Getting very hard to ride in a vehicle even. The cushion I use is a very hard one and has a V cutout in the rear. But I will talk to my GP again. I Just wanted a expert opinion And I know Dr. Young is that! Sorry I sounded like a Butt!
    Thank You

    T-12 incomplete 10-3-02

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    NR Sugeestion of GP doctor.

    With no disrespect intended, I wonder what primary care doctor the nice RN is referring to. I have been injured for 1 year. I have yet to find a primary care Doc, or ANY doctor that has a clue of anything related to SPI. The ones in my 2 horse town tell me out right... Ive never heard of Autotomic Disreflexia, pain like your having, etc, etc, etc. They DO however, manage to send me a bill for the 5 minutes they pop in and talk to me! Sorry about the bitterness, but I quickly relalised, this is the time to get informed and try to self evaluate my symptoms and somehow get some help. I wopuld love to find a doctor that did not rely on ME to inform them! Yes, repetedly, they say, humm.. I didnt know that... hummm, Gee,thats intersting. Thanks, Mikey (Tallahassee, FL)


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    florida must have some good sci doctors.

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