These idiots need to have all their skin scraped off and be doused with alcohol - then we'll see how well they can relax.

I try every night to relax, so I can get some sleep. It doesn't help. I try breathing exercises, but they aggravate the abdominal pain (as does every breath, no matter how small. Besides the scraped-off skin feeling, it's like all my skin on my hands, and below my the top of my back and chest has been pulled taut, and any movement causes a skin ripping feeling. Plus there's the broken bones through skin of my back feeling. And all the others. How the hell is anyone supposed to relax with sensations like these?? Like everyone else with this curse, I'm sick of it, and wish I could end it and find peace. I think a lot about that when lying awake all night with nothing else to do besides burn up. Then during the day, I fight to sit up for a while, burning all the while, as my shoulder blades pop with each small move.)

As always, any good ideas for some relief welcomed. It's driving my mom and me crazy. Blasted useless medical profession (not you, Dr. Young.) We all deserve better.


"Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?"

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