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Thread: Red wine

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    Red wine

    I have found out that one or two glasses red wine pr. day helps to reduce my pain. It doesnt last so long but gives me a break from the constant backpain i have.

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    i don't want to advocate alcohol as a medicine bcuz too many ppl end up w/ problems.
    prior to 2 years ago i never drank at all, ever.
    then i got interested in the local wine industry and started trying different types of wines.
    i now have 1/2 a glass of wine w/ dinner at nite and while central pain is not my problem, back pain and spasms are, and i have found that the wine helps this better than the valium i used to take.
    (i stopped taking valium on a regular daily basis around the same time i started having wine w/ dinner....didn't wanna mix the two.)
    i know someone w/ CP who swears alcohol is an infinitely better muscle relaxant/pain killer than any RX medication.
    the pharmacuetical co's have come up w/ synthetic THC, an ingrediant in pot, so if alcohol is so good at spasm/pain relief, why is there no RX version of it?
    or maybe all the pain killers on the market are different versions of synthetic alcohol?

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    Medicinal Benefits of Red Wine

    The benefits of red wine have interested me for years. The above article link is informative and relevant, and is linked to some other articles. Google turned up a lot more.

    BTW, red wine also seems to have a pleasant effect on the libidos of some women. Hmmm ... think I'll Google that one for R&S!

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    yes it defiantely works with my neuro pain, i discovered this when i noticed i was having wine with a friend, my normal severe neuropain did not kick in like clockwork at 10pm.
    i found that ihad no neuropain if i drank wine in the evening.
    what is interesting too is severe alcoholic get extreme neuropathic pain in the feet if they stop drinking.
    i stopped drinking wine in the evening, since it was not good for my bladder, and tried tricylic again instead

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    What does wine do to your bladder? I drink wine with dinner - usually just a few ounces and I don't notice any difference with cathing, etc.

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    I just wish it didn't make my tongue purple!

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    Originally posted by Mike:

    What does wine do to your bladder? I drink wine with dinner - usually just a few ounces and I don't notice any difference with cathing, etc.
    i am not cathing anymore but i still have some retention problems and sphincter nerve control, (relaxing) that are aggravated by meds and per my urologist alcohol.
    i went back to him since i was having a pain urinating, but it was up in the bladder, right at the sphincter, he said it was from straining the sphincter muscle while peeing. alcohol would make it worse, and coincidentally the pain would happen about 1 x a week after a night of sharing a bottle of wine. so it did make sense

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