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Thread: Help I can't sleep! Is it the pain meds?

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    Help I can't sleep! Is it the pain meds?

    I'm a C 3/4 incomplete for over 9 years. I haven't had a good nights sleep in I don't know how long (didn't sleep at all last night). I take oxycontin (40mg) once in the morning & again at night. I take anywhere from 4-8 mg of zanaflex before bed. And I take 500 mg of roxicet as needed for pain (although it doesn't seem to help). Have a doctors appointment Thursday but would appreciate some sleep before then. Is it the pain medications I'm on, should I take something else, would greatly appreciate input.

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    Oxycontin can cause insomnia.


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    Hi Ray,

    I second Alan, try to stay away from the oxycontin, it caused some weird problems for me when I took it, including sleeplessness. Maybe you could ask about trying some time release morphine (oromorph), been taking that now for over 10 months with no side-effects.

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