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Thread: 4-AP and Pain

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    4-AP and Pain

    As anyone with severe neuropathic pain tried 4-AP? I'm using it right now and it seems to be my already intolerable pain in my lower body to flare up to almost twice the amount of discomfort within the initial hours after taking it.

    I don't want to give up on it but I might just have tO?

    What about your experience? Thanks.

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    I have been taking 4ap for almost 2 years and have not had any increase in pain.

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    Hi SurfCat,

    Can you tell me your injury level? Is your injury considered "incomplete"? If it is, how would you characterize your sensory ability in your lower extremities? This is important to know, if you can expect positive results from 4-AP.

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    Hi, I posted a pain and 4-AP question on 1/9/03 and Dr. Wise answered it. Here was his response:

    calico, while there were some early reports that 4-AP reduces pain in people with chronic spinal cord injury, these early reports have not been studied again in a rigorous clinical trial and thus unconfirmed. In the current clinical trials, there has not been sufficient patients with neuropathic pain to allow a statistically significant analysis of the results to say that 4-AP reduces neuropathic pain. I have heard anecdotal stories that it reduces neuropathic pain but, at the same time, I have that 4-AP "unmasks" existing pain (i.e. back pain and joint pain) that the people were not feeling. In my opinion, the treatment is relatively safe when taken appropriately and it may be worth a trial to see if it does reduce neuropathic pain. wise.

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