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Thread: pain is like snowflakes

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    Birthdays. I just had another one. Tried to ignore it.


    "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?"

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    yes i wouldn't call the va hospital medical service exactly stellular. i started going there just recently, figured i would give it a try, since the Bronx VA was supposed to have a good sci department. and i was trying to get another opinion on my weight bearing nerve foot pain.
    but i am thinking , i am better off in the private sector. i have a good urologist i have had since i was in rehab hospital.
    i also wanted to go to try the Bronx va for psychiatric care due to chronic pain issues. i didn't want to deal with people that were not versed in chronic pain, i don't want to hear platitudes! i was down there last week, and i was trying to explain to the sci doc how bad the foot pain was affecting my life, the doc asked me if i was suicidal. and i said yes the notion was going through my mind more and more, the pain had taking over my life so they quickly bring in the physiatrist to talk to me, he talks to me and realized that i am clinical depressed, but not immerdiate danger of harming myself. so tells me to go upstairs to the psych department after i leave my sci appointment to see about getting prescribed some meds to help get me through this... so i go up there, and i fill out the forms, and then they say who ever was in today was off or something and someone will call me next week... go figure,,, it takes a lot for me to say i am losing my rope, and someone will call me next week to set up appointment/// worthless.. i need a primary care physician anyhow in that system, so since i have the appointment and it took so long to get i might a well let them do some tests, but i think i will be trying to find another hospital or doctors to deal with . they don't get it, i tell them i have pain in my foot when its in the dependent condition, hanging down, and than they send me all over the hospital, sometimes to a place twice since they didn't do the paperwork right, and i have to go back upstairs, all this makes my foot pain worse...they just don't pay attention..

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    Hurray!! My prostate is fine, what a relief. Doc said swelling must have been from infection, and the infections and blood were probably being caused by kidney stones, which I've had many times before. So, basically, no big deal. Now that's a birthday present if there ever was one .

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    always great to get good news!

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