anyone besides me notice that wine reduces neuropain? this was burning pain in big toe.. last night around a 3 to 4 level, enough that would keep me from thinking about sleeping, and enough to make me take a ultram normally
i have started drinking about 8 oz of red wine in the evening. and have been sleeping through the nite, no meds needed, and better for my bladder , as i get no retention with wine..
last night when my friend came over my pain was already acting up , but since i knew we were going to drink wine i held off any pain meds, and sure enough, no need for pain meds once i had a glass or 2.
for the last 2 weeks i have been drinking wine in the evening , which i never did for years, never liked to drink alone..
but i find it works pretty well on my pain, with less side effects than the elavil or neurontin or percocet..
the pain returned upon awaking in the morning, so i had to take ultram