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Thread: leg jerking

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    leg jerking

    Does anyone ever just sit around or while laying in bed have both leg's just jerk out of the blue? I have been having this happen for quite some time now, but it's starting to get more freqent. I used to have some of that before but nothing like it is now. Any thought's?

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    Hi duge,

    This type of spasm was a continuous problem just after my initial injury, and I had good response to neurontin and valium. Neurontin takes awhile to have any effect, but helped reduce the frequency and the valium helped with sleep (my main complaint was trying to sleep with these spasms going on).

    That was my reaction, neurontin's effects vary, some people don't get any relief from it, and neurontin is VERY expensive, unless your insurance has drug coverage, this may be prohibitive (my last 3 month prescription was >$800).

    Hope you're able to get some help for this.

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    My doctor told me that since my entire legs were jerking I was having spasms. She prescribed balcofen but since I don't like to take pills I haven't taken them. Mine only jerk once or twice a night and when I first straighten them in the morning. Didn't think that was worth taking more pills. Hopefully the frequency won't increase.


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    Duge, A number of people with CP from strokes have problems with RLS (restless leg syndrome). You might try contacting Mary Simpson through her website at

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    i have heard i can be quite the person to sleep with, luckily most times i sleep through it,
    but i tend to have a lot of leg movement/kicking at night while sleeping

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    I am sorry to read that all attempts at a solution for restless leg syndrome or leg spasmsare drugs. In my experience there are many drugs that may be necessary for spinal injuries but no need to take unnecessary ones on top of it all. People without spinal injuries often get leg symptoms describe in the forum. Spasm, tics, charley horses and restless symdrome can often be a sign of a calcium magnesium imbalance. More than half of the clients I see with these problems forget they ever had them when a regular supplementation of magnesium is introduced. Extra magnesium is especially helpful for those who use dairy because milk products are lacking enough magnesium to balance the calcium contained in milk. Those who drink sodas lose magnesium and might consider adding a mag or two each day with meals and see how it works. What the heck it isn't a drug and doesn't cost much. A few people with leg spasms say they go away with the addition of a Vitimin E capsule twice a day. Nutrition can replace many drugs and then the ones that are necessary do less harm than piling them all on. Try it. Let us know how it works for you....D.

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    Just like Mike, My entire leg's jerk when it happen's both of them.

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    How much magnesium should I take. I am taking 500 mg of calcuim a day.


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    Jee wizz I didnt know we paras could get them "restless legs"!

    My wife has been saying I was rehearsing RiverDance in my sleep!

    I'll try some of these ideas.


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    A lot of times if something hurts in my leg, like a pin prick, it causes a quick jerk type spasm like a reflex. I can feel it so I know whats causing it, it happens a lot if Im sitting still for a long time and the bottoms of my feet start hurting or if I cut myself somehow. It gets real annoying if Im trying to sleep or sit still but it'll stop if I fix whatever hurts, it could be something like that.

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