Dear mr. Wise Young

I was sc- injured at the level c3/c4 for 3 years ago. I´m one of the lucky guys who can walk although i couldn´t move neither arms nor feet the first 24 hours ofter my injury (total paralysed from neck and down). I did´nt break my neck but i got a contusion-injury in my sc. 14 days later i started walking with crutches and one month after the injury i could walk without any kind of support.
MR-pictures taken after 3 years show a 4,5 long scar in my sc. That´s what remains from my injury. I have regained all the motorial functions but my left side is more affected and stiff. I have some sensorial problems who do not affect my ability to live a normal life.
I do the most of the things i used to do before the accident:walk, run (in good days),swim and the last month i started ice-scating. Stiffness in my whole body and pain in my back, left shoulder and arm limits my movements and i have problems with standing on one place and bearing things over a distance(pain and stiffness increases then). The pain is stabbing and stable with a senter in the low part of my back and becomes worse when i´m stressed, angry or sad. I take neurontin 2400 mg and baclofen 75 mg pr. day. It works, but not always. I also train (most swimming) because i have found that this training-form in combination with streching helps.

My question is. Can you say what kind of pain is this from my description? Is it sentral neuropain or some kind of muscular pain who doesnt have any connection with the nervsystem. How can the first or the second type of pain
influence my painmanagement- /treatment?