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Thread: found other neurontin side effects

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    found other neurontin side effects

    interesting with neurontin, I stopped the zonegran a couple weeks ago , due to side effects, that ruined my ability to focus on certain things, I haven't taken neurontin since last June..
    I was taking 10 mg elavil in evening , which at the low dose worked very well with neuropathic pain, however it made me lethargic and actually believe it ,it me more depressed since I didn't want to get out of bed in the morning and I lost what little drive I had left... its a see saw , I would take the elavil over the pain and deal with the side effects..
    but I figured I might try taking 400 mg of neurontin since I have a bunch left over , I used to take 4 x800 a day.
    figured neurontin has a shorter life than elavil, and if I get through the night , I don't mind a little pain in the morning to get my ass out of bed.
    the first night I took the neurontin I had a extreme leg cramp in my calf( I think it was on my good side) that woke me up at 3AM.. I needed to smash my toes into something to break the cramp... since I hadn't done any thing that day or for a couple days previous, I realized it was the neurontin.. I remembered I had those all the time when I was on neurontin for those 2 years, but never realized it was the neurontin..
    also my bowels really slow down , I remembered that when I stopped the neurontin last June , my bowels got so much better,
    seems I can have a good complete bowel movement , and than 15 minutes latter I need to go again, and actually quite a bit more will come out, and this will go on all day...
    original with my injury I had quite a bit of bowel problems, cauda equina syndrome,
    and of course my bladder gets so much worse with the neurontin, I really have a rough time peeing when I take it. but just trying to take it evening , so by morning the bladder is no longer as neurogenic and I can pee again...
    just wanted to give some insights to others,,, in case you have accidents after doing a bp, and unexplained muscle cramps it may be the neurontin , and not your body

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    Any med's possible side effects can be checked at Very useful site.


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    yes i check that for all my meds, but these arent on the list,
    its hard to tell which medication is causing what , or if its even causing something when i am taking 3 meds for the same pain problem..
    it doesnt list urine retention either on the rx list and quite a few of us have seen it.
    the bowel thing is actually severe, i remember when i was on the 3200 a day dose , i woud have to go like 6 to 8 times a day at least . i think it may cause accidents, i know i had a couple, its not constipation or diareera either,
    you go and you can never titaly empty your bowels, 15 min later you have to go again, i think it slows down the action in your bowels .
    i also get these twitches, involutarily movements..

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    Question Nuerontin vs. lyrica

    My doctors would like me to make the switch from Neurontin to Lyrica as well. I suffer from CIDP and Nueronin has been quite effective. I am scared of the weight gain aspect, but Lyrica from What I have read is the same as Nuerontin (I take 2700 mg. a day.) My doctor told me the Lyrica has an anti-anxiety aspect. Can anyone confirm this?


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    Hey Marci, i recently made a switch from the gabatril I was on,which before that was neurontin which did nothing for me at all.the gabitril,well that kinda sucked too but it worked extremely well as a sleep aid,even better than the ambien I used to take there fore a while,so I just stuck with the gabitril for that reason did nothing for my actual pain.

    well my RSD and central pain REALLY needed some extreme help as things were getting out of control,so i decided to give the lyrica a try.i actually statred this well over a month ago,and had some increases in my pain and when I went to take the next pill so i would now be taking one in the evening(which is where I initially started it)and then a new,one in the AM as well.these were the 50mg pills.once i strted that second pilll,wellthings kinda hit the fan as far as side eyes went insane,everything was kinda blurry there for about two hours out of the day,and the worst one was the feeling like I had just consumed a six,my legs were sooo unco ordinated,really bad there for those same few hours.the thing is tho,for the first time ever in over two and a half years,something actually affected my central pain.and this also helped to actually reduce some of the swelling in my knee and lower leg that I had also had for about two and a half years,nothing had touched that before either.

    i called my PM as i was actually due to increase my daily dose up one more pill and felt that if i actually did that it would seriously just do me in totally as those side effects were just sooo over the top with just the two. they told me to just drop that second pill until I could see my PM again(this was about a week and a half wait)i also wanted to stay on the 50mgs(which I took only at night to reduce the side effects,worked out well)just so my body would start to get more used to it so when we decided what to do at that appt,i wouldn't have to start all over again and hopefully the second pill wouldn't give me such extreme side effects.

    well as it turned out,after doing some checking on my own,i discovered that they actually make a 25mg pill so when I saw my NP,we decided to try doing the 25's two at night and one in the THIS has really started to work out well for me with just that 25 in the morning.i think the fact that my body got a bit more accustomed to the lyrica over the two weeks I was on it,comined with that lower dose in the morning really made the difference for me.and it IS working on my CP and the RSD,not magically but there IS a definite affect on it,it is not quite as bad with regard to the overall intensity now.and it appears to actually give me a bit of energy but more towards the late afternoon and then up til around bedtime.although,it doesn't appear to bother my sleep any,so that is wonderful.

    the only real issue I am having with this appears to be some real bizarre effect on my polycystic kidneys.the lyrica appears to somehow affecting the size?in some way?my kidneys are pretty large right now anyways(both being around 19CMs as of my last renal ultrasound about three weeks ago)and I can actually feel both of them running along my ribcage in the front and kind of to the side.the thing is,they were not like this,or this pronounced til i took that second dose of the lyrica back when I was still on the 50mg ones.i immediately saw my primary and he did my labs and also sent me for the US.amazingly,despite the huge amount of poly cysts,and the over all size of both kidneys,all my labs came back still within the normal ranges(this will eventually change once the overall damage reaches that "magic' level,but for now,i will take what I can get,ya know).i had my creatinitne rechecked again a week later to make sure things were still okay while being on the lyrica over that time period,and things are still good,and the creatinine was exactly the same as the first go round.but honestly,i do feel that the lyrica is definitely having some weird effects on my kidneys,i just don't know why or how.i feel good,tho so who nows.i see my neph tomorrow as we have to come up with some sort of plan to try and reduce the size of my kidneys,they are just getting way to big for my very small framed body,and are starting to get very pushy with my other organs.they actually abducted my spleen and were holding hostage way out of its normal area of residence.we finally found it way up top of the L kidney and didn't have to pay any ransom.that was good,lol.

    I will be getting a CT done to see what the kidneys did to the other organs and where they hid them.the L kidney is actually behind my left lung but actually runs from the 'normal" spot much further down,then all the way up to the lung area.thats not a good thing.

    i really DO want to stay on the lyrica if possible so i am hoping after seeing my Neph,he wont tell me that I need to drop the med.That would really bum me out as this really has been a wonder med for me as long as I can get the side effects to calm down for me,i can live with some of them.I know that the lyrica is extensively metabolized in the kidneys but I am not too sure just what actual effect this part of things really has on my long as my labs are good,that should not be making any real impact on them who really knows?

    I would really reccomend giving the lyrica a try tho,really.i cannot believe this even touched the areas that it has as these were kind of the "worst of the worst' areas of my pain and other symptoms.I have not noticed any sort of actual weight gain problems or anything like that at all,so thats good.

    with regard to the anti anxiety affect on this med,that appears to have come up during the drug trials with this and is the reason that lyrica,unlike the other anti siezure meds,is also considered as a controlled substance.

    from what I read about the trials on pfizers web site on lyrica,during one of them that had,geez I cannot even remeber how many people in this,there was a few that claimed that they 'felt' some sort of 'euphoria' while taking lyrica that they seemed to liken to the same over all feeling of being on about 30mgs of THAT seems like a bit too much to me,really.i definitely don't feel affects similar to that at all on this.the only thing i found with this is after a while,like a few hours,it will make me feel like I have a bit more energy,but don't know if its the actual med itself or that I feel that because my pain is better controlled.

    if you go to the lyrica website and actually read thru the trials and the results(it IS rather lengthy but i think if you are considering going on any med you should really read as much as possible on it)you will see the part where they actually mention that comparison to the for some reason,and I don't know if this is some sort of "standard' when any drug co tests any med or what but it mentions that the people who actually had this "feeling' of euphoria were in reality what are called in the study,"recreational drug users"???these were the people who reported that comparison,go figure.i was just kind of suprised to read that recreational drug users were actually used in the study and why???does anyone know if this is kind of a 'routine" type thing when there is a potential for a med to have that type of a response?it just seemd a bit odd to me thats all.

    just do some reading about it marci and read thru the threads here regarding other peoples responses to gave me some side effects to have to deal with but with those dosage changes and just time,things seem much better than whe I first started it any other med,its kind of a trial and error thing.good luck,Marcia

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    Red face Lyrica

    Pregabalin works to keep the constant burning pain away. I have gained 10 pounds after starting this med. I have stopped the gain but I fear it will take a long time to get back to weighing too much and not more.

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