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Thread: Burning sensation

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    jovichlaw hopefully it will get less intense, but probably you mau know better after 2 years

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    Josh, see my post under "Ulnar Nerve Pain" on February 2nd.

    Mine, too, came out of the blue. All of a sudden I felt like my arms were on fire. I'd been having pain for several months, but not the burning pain which was quite different. I describe it as feeling like my arms are painted with acid.


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    Mine only gets worse with time.


    "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?"

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    josh ...... i am tormented with
    burning, pns-needles and what feels like
    electric shocks that shoot from my hips to my a t5-7 complete and would rather feel nothing than this!

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    While I was off I took just 1 vitamin E pill which was supose to help blood flow I thought that would be good for my feet. But after about 1 hr the top's of my feet were on fire! I had not had this sensation but if that's what you're having I feel for you all that have this by the way I have not taken any more vitamin's

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