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Thread: pain and consciousness

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    pain and consciousness

    falling asleep at night is a battle. i have to try and relax so my spasms don't kick in and my feet don'y get crossed up. if they do they burn like they're in a furnace. i hang them of the end of the bed, apart and with no covers. they can't be touching anything. regardless they still tingle and jump sporadically like they in an electric outlet. but here's the thing: when i'm asleep and spasm, my legs get crossed up and jerk up to my chest, but there's no pain. i wake up sometimes and my feet are fine. that is unless i'm awake too long. eventually they begin to burn again and i can't figure out why? but it has something to do with being conscious. "it's all in your head," they say but i'm not even thinking about hurting when it comes on. it's like my legs realize i'm awake and decide to mess with me. does this happen to anyone else? any suggestions as to what i can do (more meds are not an option)?

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    i dont think its in your head.. why and who says that?

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    buckwheat sometimes my legs "feel" like they want to "get up and run", even though I can't feel them at all. it's weird, I can't describe it. at a sleep clinic i found out i have a lot of activity in my legs at night, even if they haven't spasmed visibly, and was put on meds that help calm it down, but you say more meds are not an option. this may sound stupid, but have you tried putting a pillow under your knees at night if you sleep on your back? this helped my spasms some before i got the meds. laying flat puts pressure on your low back and i think that causes my legs to jump sometime at night. i agree with metronyguy, it's not in your head. if it's happening, it's happening. good luck.

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    i dont have spasm , but i have neuro pain that kicks in quite severely at night, will wake me up most nights if i dont pre medicate, and as soon as i lie down it tends to get worse, its very real, its there, wish it wasnt , and different meds can sometimes work and disminsih it and let you sleep if your lucky, but at least with the neuro pain you need to treated by someone that understands it and not tel you its in your head..

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    Buckwheat, I was down with you at R.I.C. for outpatient rehab. I have the same problem myself, but my injury unlike yours is complete. People tell me it is neuropathic pain associated with the damage to cells in the spine. They say it get's progessively worse with the injury. I kind of believe that may be true, because mine have gotten worse in the past couple months. ( I'm 1 year post) They say more meds will help, but I'm not one for takin' them. Some others say that actully cutting every nerve in the spine will help. But that is totally unacceptable for us. Especially you since you have so much movement. I'm going down to R.I.C. to see my doctor. I'll get back to you on this to let you know what she thinks.
    Good luck man!!!!

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    One condition that may (or may not) be related to nerve injury and central pain is restless leg syndrome. I've heard complaints about it from a number of people with central pain from stroke. They're starting to do more work on research on this area, so hopefully some progress will be made.

    The pain you're talking about in your feet does sound like neuropathic pain and I don't see any reason for anyone to simply write it off as being "all in your head." If you're getting that from your doc, then it's time for a new doctor. As far as the pain changing when you're awake, one thing to remember is that nerve pain can settle down when the nervous system is quieter, such as when you're sleeping. When you're awake, more neurons are firing and the brain is having to filter more input. Make sense?

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    hey guys, thanks for the advice. sorry for the mixup, no one has told me directly that the pain is all in my head, it's just a figure of speech. the weirdest part is not that it's more painful when i lie down, but that when i wake up it's not painful at all. like i said before, the pain returns if i lie in bed for a while after waking, thus the relationship of pain to my being conscious. any hypothoses on why my legs would only hurt when awake as opposed to being asleep?

    david your theory sounds the best so far.

    whtpushsu, did we meet at RIC? i hope all is going well!

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    Buckwheat, Yeah You might have seen me with Josh. I was the one who was injured snowmobiling. Happy to hear your progressing in therapy. I have taken a break until end of spring before I begin therapy again. Have to have some rod's removed from my back. Take Care.

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    Originally posted by buckwheat:
    my neuro pain tends to wake me up at night if i am already asleep, stabbing zap and shocks, sometimes very severe, sometimes just enough to just wake me up to get meds and return to sleep,. and if i make it through the nite undisturbed, in the morning it wakes me up , but usully just a slight burning,low lwvel shocks buzz, probaly medication blood level is getting low and need to recharge...

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    Originally posted by metronycguy:

    my neuro pain tends to wake me up at night if i am already asleep, stabbing zap and shocks, sometimes very severe
    metro, if you haven't seen it before, you should read this article titled "Pain Journal - Living With Demons". It's from a guy in South Africa who a a rough biker dude until he suffered a stroke in his 50s.

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