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Thread: Well...I went almost a year with no NP....hopefully this will be a short duration!

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    I think/hope jlb is on to something with the cold weather idea. My pains have increased in both intensity and duration the past few weeks.


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    I absolutely believe that cold weather increases CP. A couple of weeks ago we had a cold snap and my pain shot up significantly. The next week the weather got warmer and my pain subsided somewhat. Looks like a connection to me.


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    feet get cold when going outside , furthest extremity from body, maybe even short peroid due to reduced blood flow is enough to trigger neuropathic pain bouts ?

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    I have the burning/stinging pain all the time in my left foot and leg. I take Neurontin for it which only takes the edge off. It feels like frostbite. I would love for it to take a vacation once in a while. It only goes away when I sleep.

    *Linda J*

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    jovichlaw i have the burning tingling constant too, also in my left foot. i am trying other antiseizure meds now, i did find neurontin did work the best, but you had to keep raising the levels , till the burning stopped , which fo rme was 3200 4 x 800 a day.. probably over a peroid of over a year it was raised

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    Jeff, how is it going with the pain? Any improvement?

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