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Thread: Tinnitus, Substance P and Chronic Pain

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    I sometimes have tinnitus when I wake up, along with neuropathic pain. It's usually in the right ear, and not always of the same pitch and loudness. If it's related to the pain I don't know. Getting up seems to dispel it.

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    Hello All,

    I had a lesion form in my lower thoracic spinal canal. During the initial bouts of extreme acute pain (I actually blacked out several times), my ears started to ring. That was over three years ago and I still have the same ringging (like a high pitch squeal) to this day. I also live with chronic unremitting spinal pain. The intensity of the ringing corresponds directly with the intensity of pain. I too thought that the onset of tinnitus and acute pain were to coincidental to overlook....although try telling that to a neurologist......

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    geodg -
    One potential explanation could be that pain causes jaw clenching and irritation of the TMJ (jaw joint) which can cause ringing in the ears. Another explanation could be that when in pain, one takes more meds which could have ringing as a side effect.

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    Thanks arndog,

    Although, no serious jaw clenching for me....

    The ringing started during my initial blackouts (from excruciating thoracic spinal pain) and before I was ever on any meds. As far as I can tell it is a result of the massive insult to my central nervous system. The ringing literally started during some of my work acute pains. I remember thinking through the absolute agony, "thats weird, why are my ears ringing". I even mentioned it to the emt's in the ambulance and the emergency doctor.

    To this day, in addition to the ringing, I have blood pressure and other autonomic issues.

    Anyone else out there in chronic pain land have experienced anything like this?

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