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Thread: Tinnitus, Substance P and Chronic Pain

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    I could not read everyone's reply but, some time ago I developed hyperechosis. I don't know if this is what you are experiencing, but it's like the background noise is super loud and me talking with someone close was super low. It's like they got switched.

    Anyways, it was from too much lidocaine. Also, anti-inflammatories also cause this. IF you are taking/using (ie. pain patches) STOP immediately and contact your doctor.

    I hope this was helpful, sorry if it wasn't I just thought I would share another one of my wonderful, stupid experiences. IF it's going to occur...yup, it'll sure as hell happen to me. SUPER rare, uh huh. right


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    I agree with Dr. Young that from what I have read in the literature no one seems to have demonstrated a direct relation between pain and tinnitus. However, some of the stuff hinting at a link between anticonvulsants and visual loss/tinnitus does make me nervous.
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    No way, the ringing in my ears increases with pain, especially but not limited to when my blood pressure goes up.

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    I have ringing in my ears and it is because of my spinal cord injury.

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    probaly due to your meds , what do you take
    SM/ACM Surgery in 1999

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    ringing in the ears

    here is a list of causes:
    SODIUM And chocolate too
    this was very interesting . thats why I weed out the obvious:

    For me it was the medication not chiari

    Causes of subjective tinnitus include:

    Otologic problems and hearing loss:

    conductive hearing loss

    ■external ear infection
    ■acoustic shock
    ■cerumen (earwax) impaction
    ■middle ear effusion
    ■Superior canal dehiscence
    sensorineural hearing loss

    ■excessive or loud noise
    ■presbycusis (age-associated hearing loss)
    ■Ménière's disease
    ■acoustic neuroma
    ■mercury poisoning or lead poisoning
    ototoxic medications


    ■nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

    ■aminoglycosides e.g. gentamicin
    ■Vibramycin (doxycycline)
    chemotherapy and antiviral drugs:

    ■pegylated interferon-alpha-2b
    loop diuretics:

    ■ethacrynic acid

    Psychedelic drugs:

    ■Diisopropyltryptamine (DiPT)
    ■Salvinorin A
    neurologic disorders:

    ■chiari malformation
    ■multiple sclerosis
    head injury

    ■skull fracture
    ■closed head injury
    ■whiplash injury
    ■temporomandibular joint disorder
    ■giant cell arteritis
    metabolic disorders:

    ■thyroid disorder
    ■vitamin B12 deficiency
    ■Iron deficiency anemia
    psychiatric disorders:

    other causes:

    ■Tension myositis syndrome
    ■hypertonia (muscle tension)
    ■thoracic outlet syndrome
    ■lyme disease
    ■sleep paralysis
    ■glomus tympanicum tumor
    ■anthrax vaccines which contain the Anthrax Protective Antigen
    SM/ACM Surgery in 1999

    When the world says "give up"; hope whispers "try one more time"

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    I had chronic neck pain for a couple of months before I got my tinnitus. The tinnitus coincided with my TMJ, it could be a complete coincidence thoguh sometimes when my jaw pops the ringing gets worse. I've also blamed NSAIDs for it, I can't be 100% sure but no NSAID has ever helped with my chronic pain, so I have no reason to take more. But try telling a doctor "I would like a narcotic without apap or other nsaid because I have tinnitus and its contraindicated" I'd probably get kicked out like some junkie (not that I like or dislike drug addicts, I think heroin addicts should be able to get prescribed heroin but that's another story). I also had some pretty moderate depression and anxiety at the time, but when I got tinnitus it catapulted into severe depression and anxiety, and also because I kept getting more aches and pains and headaches.

    I just wanted to say, whenever I tell a doctor that I have ringing in the ears, they ALWAYS say "oh, its from listening to music too loud" BULL****, there's so many loud noises in our society no matter where you go, be it just a restaurant, airport, highway, you name it. The other day I was waiting in the ****ing doctor's office, for about 2 hours, and they were doing some repairs or tests to the alarm system, and a 130 db alarm was going off every 10 seconds for over an hour, and everytime it went off everybody cringed. Luckily I had earplugs but I took them off after awhile so I could hear them call my name. So if anyone's reading this for some reason and you do not have tinnitus, get some ear plugs ASAP, they are cheap as hell. Tinnitus + chronic pain is one hell of a combo.

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    I had tinnitus when I was anemic. I also had it when taking lyrica. I also get it when I'm tired I have c6-c7 nerve impingement with reversed curve of my neck and I'm sure that has something to do with it it was a whiplash injury. I know some people use white noise and hearing aids may help. I hope you can find a specialist to help you. I'm not sure of any success rates with naturopathic ways like acupuncture may help. My Uncle got it after heart surgery there was a nerve issue there with him.

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    Hi I have constant noise in my head
    Mine sounds like a jet engine pitch plus constant migraines
    So far nothing helps

    Someday I hope a Dr could help me ... Recently I had cat scans etc....
    Monday i'll makea Dr appt for middle of the week hopefully


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    I have had it since the moment of impact. beeps screeches pulsing tweets all in different pitches at the same time. the neuro pain came later. nothing has ever worked to make it stop. sometimes it is very very loud.

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