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Thread: Before my GREAT DAY-)

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    Before my GREAT DAY-)

    This was a post I Did on another web site Before my "Great Day" post here. I Figured I'd share my pain here as well.

    Dec, 14th, 8:30 A.M Eastern Time.

    My Topic was called , As follows:

    "Cold Turkey, Day 6, No narcotics"

    I Was taking:
    I was taking 60 20mg's of oxycontin a month, 60 oxycodone...a month, an 90 xanax. Cold turkey Yesterday I woke up I was "ok". The day passes and my darling nephew visits awww. "I Am Thinking" {HMMM)...Mom hadn't slept a wink the day before and pulled a 3rd shift. Dad and I was up until 2:45 a.m. Reading a networking manual. Being I Am a quad and now use the "wonderful" benefits of bedrails and a trapeze bar, I find myself doing a quad version of the "hokey pokey",(Silly able bodied dance)..Grabbing rail to my right I flip and put my right a-ss cheek out and I try n shake it all about, I turn to my left and shake it all about. Back and fourth ,back and fourth. I Am finally ready to settle down.

    What IS the commotion? Lord, it is 4:45 A.m, Dad yells, (ready for coffee bud?)...*cries inside* yeaaah
    . 'I say', (HUH SAYS DAD?) YEAHHHHHHH! 'I yell... {I felt frustration}. UGH...

    Gee...So I find myself punching my fists doing a quad version of boxing for hours,(trace triceps, mind you) geez I'm hurting, my a-ss is on fire and my legs too. Well I'm up and dads out the door, him and mom have much too do.

    They are finally home around 11:30 am. I can just imagine mom being up over 48 hours and pulling her nursing shift. She and dads out like a light...

    It's now about 3:30pm...I'm kind of on fire but I'm still,, (ok)
    Knock knock...*thinks, oh no* I'm just lil tired and hurting please no company but it's lil sis and my nephew and her hubby, did i say AWWW before? So, why is it so dark in the other 2 offices? {I thought} Yay nephew stayed with me, I'm babysitting. {Did not know they had left him} He's 5, got a 6 pack, and a chest like an 8 year old and tough and high on candy. There are 3 desktop computers, 3 office spaces, (use any of those buddy, love you, just careful with that pepsi, ok?) Back and fourth he runs, back and fourth, *please buddy, no pepsi near my laptop ok i humbly say*

    I end up playing yahoo fighting environment with him, but he runs back and fourth to cheat and see what I'm going to choose.! He decides he wants to play on my laptop and me go to kid sites with him..'sigh', ok. {I Say} The fire of my body has intensified greatly. Leaning over back and fourth in my chair, *god my butt and legs are killing me, where's his parents?* {I Thought} BAM, I'm boosting in my chair, head near floor, he sucker punched me out of the blue! Yea it hurt as he racked my jaw, then I say *ouch buddy, easy joeys sore today, k?* (Otay he says) I glance away, POW! Straight jab in my nose...*exhales while watering eyes form* under attack by my darling nephew, I block an incoming right upper cut,which my great efforts had no affect, the punch pops my left ear! *damn!, { I Am thinking}*, but I maintain. I'm thinking *god where's his parents, pleassss?* { I Think} So I ummm, gave him a left straight jab followed by three rib shots and a left cheek blow, (not too hard, just enough for him to know I had, HAD enough of a beating). We hug, I kiss his cheek. He plays his race car game. *whew a break* Easy with the pepsi buddy, ok? please? : {I SAID} I love you but be careful you can kill my laptop with that pepsi..*I'd repeated myself oooh, 200x?* I love him he's my buddy. I glance away only for a second to ease some pain, (OOOOOOPS! UH, UMMM , JOEY, i smilled pepsi on laytop) nephew had said} He un-plugs it. DAD, ( I yell) it's my fault , (I say) codey spilled pepsi on my laptop, fast, wipe it off! I say, it was an accident, being dads Italian, short tempered, (don't pi-ss him off). I saved my nephew, dad wipes off computer....he plugs it in, ummmm...The lights on but that is all, dad and I look at each other...we're thinking the same thing, (pepsi, a whole cup, inside a laptop)...we both say nothing, look away and sigh. We unpower it. We reboot, kewl she's loading...UGH, DAD says, (SON OF A B*CH) pretty loud, nephew hears as he shys away, I say awww it's my fault DAD, I wasn't watching him. It's a blue screen.{screams inside}(the key pad was already broke from dropping a scanner on it! LOL....I maintain control as my head starts throbbing. *sigh* my body's on fire, my lap tops on its side dripping pepsi, and nephew stares a me, ( I sowwy,) he say's. I say its ok, I love you, noooo I'm not mad at you, c'mere, (I said) he says (what?) I say, (it is a secret)...I say closer, he is scared by now, I say you know what we need to do? (what?) he says. We need a hug (I say)...Mentally, my brain blows a pylon up the road out, I am seeing the explosion in my mind, flying sparks etc, but it's ok. Thank God, it reboots! yay, whew, whew. His parents come in with pizza. OK, I'm feeling better by now, . Ok, I think they are leaving, I AM hoping, cause I'm ready too drop BY NOW, its been 16 hours I can not bare much more I'm in agonizing pain. She begs her hubby as me to her son. I think the dad is worse than the baby? After an hour of pleading sis is getting pis-sed [ANGRY] at hubby just ignoring her, laying on my floor, letting their kid run wild. I am ready to show her hubby a hissing turtle! I am rocking, burning, aching, I'm outraged yet I maintain control. He finally gets up, I hug her, we say bye and I love yous', they leave. Slight relief, but I'm begging dad for bed assistance as I breathe shallow, cold, aching, dizzy, rubbing my chest. My hearts hurting to bad to Reply to dad about being straight or comfortable, I make gestures. {Only concerned with my aching chest, {thinking heart attack} I breathe in and out. WHEW...I'M OK, panic attack?

    Early morning, I'm searching for my secret pal. Body hurts like h-ell from chest to tips of throbbing toes. I'm going to try different sessions of weights for my arms, prop legs up one by one, stretching, bending through out my whole day on and off, I hope it relieves my pain and I rest my body when ever my night comes. BUT, please someone pee on me and put out the fire.


    Someone had asked why I had tolerated this. My Reply was:

    I do not think you want to hear my life story. hehe..It's rather jerry springer. But my lil sis is only 21, she's humble, meek, sweet, kind, and loves me. I changed her as a baby, she was like my baby. She has never drank or done drugs. She works from home making an income, cleaning, cooking, and watching her son. Her hubby stays high 24/7, off any perk he can get (or any pain killer) he works, comma tose every day., pot, alcohol, pills. Blows the money, ends up taking what little she has. He blows hundreds every week. He can probably name every dentist and orthodontist in 2 counties. Anything for pills. Yet she loves him. He is with his kid, 1 day a week? An wanting to drop him off at his moms and go drag sis to some pool hall so he can drink. I need to help her she loves me an helps me more than my older sisters and brothers, I will not go there. My nephew calls me daddy, I'm all he talks about So sad. I wish she would leave him.

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    Thanks for sharing, Joey...

    Hang on, ok???...keep the FAITH.

    Prayers for all,


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    I was kidding when I called you the Springer family, really. You're a good uncle and even better brother, don't see those every day. Now you're off the pills, kicking butt and taking names! Go fa-ast...

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