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Thread: Pain in neck and shoulders

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    Pain in neck and shoulders

    Lately Ive been having more pain in those areas than usual. i hate taking percocet, soma, morphine or anything that causes there anything besides motrin that i could take?

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    Is it muscle pain? If so, perhaps you could take a muscle relaxant. Also consider exercise (P.T. could give you some ideas) to help, and think about massage.

    If it's neuropathic pain, talk to your doc about the non-traditional pain relievers used to treat that type of pain.

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    Try Zydone, it is similiar to Vicodine, but less tylenol. It works great for me. Vicodine made me feel sick and really did not help.

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    i like ultram for a lot of my pains, it works well , but can keep you awake at night, , its a syntheic painkiller, works better on my neuro pain with less side effects,than percocet, but when the pain gets really bad, i need to take a couple percocet

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