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Thread: sleep aids or elavil type tricyclices

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    sleep aids or elavil type tricyclices

    just wonderign what else is good for neuro pain that now i only seem to get in the evening, and its not to bad, a ultram usually qwells it, problem is ultram tend to keep me awake at night unless i am exhausted from a busy day.. which i am mot having lately..
    i had tried elavil before , worked well with the pain, but side effects were there. i
    hate to take perocet every night either.
    i take ambien now for sleep, but trying to find the least medication neccessary. the ambien is to counteract the ultram awakeness

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    Have you tried Neurontin and/or Benadryl (name brand or generic). Both of them, together or separately, help me sleep.


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    I take neurontin for the neuropathic pain. I'm on 600mg @ 2X/day. I take one at nite about 1 hr before bed and it does not keep me awake. I'm generally an insomniac and aside from it really reducing the n/p pain it kinda makes me pretty sleepy. Talk to your doc about it. BTW, when i first was started on it @300mg @ 2X/day it didn't do squat for pain. So, make sure you get it dosed right before giving up on it.


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    wooops did some name changong , from yonkers guy to this one,,, i was on neurontin 4 x800 a day, but stoppped it due to sude effects, and than tried most of the other antiseizure meds.
    i did try 400 my of n before bed least week with no luck, i could try a 800 mg tablet , i have lots left over. seeing pain management doc in about a hour and just wanted to see if there anyhting worth trying, ambien works, i like it bcause i can wait to see if i cant sleep and take it since it acts quickly.. i usually use it conjunction with ultram.
    last night i tried a elavil again, but 2 hours latter i was wide awake and so had to take a ambien also, did sleep well though..
    problem i notice when i take elavil or neurotin at say 10pm i go into feeding frenzy, till i use the ambien to knoeck me out...

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