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    I did a little bit of research on it. Although there is not a lot of documentation available, it seems like it is not available in the US yet. But if I understood you post well, since Neurobion is a combination of Neurotropic vitamins B1, B6, & B12 it helps for pain and activating your metabolism Simulation pret immobilier

    I hope that you will find the information to your question.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Emilia Ponce View Post
    Looking to buy Neurobion Amp for a friend that has Nerve impairment. Not available in US

    I use neurobion regularly in the Philippines. I take one every day. Originally, I was prescribed to take this vitamin for tinitus. I had an ear infection and a loud noise in my left ear from traveling on a boat with a loud engine for 30 hours. The infection cleared up but I kept taking the Neurobion until the loud noise went away. But I found out that my concentration and analytical ability was greatly enhanced since I started taking the Neurobion. I also had a general sense of well-being. So I kept taking it. Incidently, if I stay up pass 12 Midnight, the tinitus comes back whether or not I'm taking the Neurobion. It's like clockwork. I know exactly when it's 12 midnight because I will get the loud engine sound in my left ear. So there must be a correlation between sleep deprivation and nerve damage. Why is Neurobion not available in the USA? In the Philippines, you don't need a prescription. I believe it has more advantages than we realize. I wonder if its availability in the USA has anything to do with its being manufactured only in Germany. All Neurobion comes from Germany. Philippines has good trade relations with Germany regarding meds.
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