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Thread: what can i tak eat night that will kill the pain and let me sleep?

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    what can i tak eat night that will kill the pain and let me sleep?

    i have neuopathic pain, tryin to stay off the anti seizures for as long as i can.
    i take ultram at night it handles the pain but it keeps me up , i take another i still stay awake and then its 3am and i need to take a ambien to get to sleep,, i have percocet too, but i prefer not to take every night if i dont have too, ultram works weell, but keeps me awake , i hate to take elavil becise of the urine retention and ggogginess in the morning.
    i wonder if i took a neurotin 600 mg before bed if that would help? or move someplace where if i cant sleep i can start some work and not worry about waking ther neighbors

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    Hey Outdoor,I have the same problem you are having but if I take 400mg of neurontin it seems to help some with the neuopathic pain if only for a short time.I find myself falling a sleep in my wc and a few times I almost ended up on the floor because of no sleep and I`m not having any luck finding a doctor who knows what hes doing.Stiggy

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    As one insomniac to another, i feel your pain. I can't take any opiates or n-saids, etc. due to liver problems. My n/p pain also keeps me up nites. I take 600 neurontin and .2 clonidine at nite about an hour before bedtime.

    Even if it doesn't make me "tired", although the neurontin does sometimes, with the n/p pain gone or near gone and the spasms significantly reduced, it allows me to go to sleep without either of those 2 distractions.


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    Wish I could finnd something. I do take 1 mg of Ativan, which will allow me to stay asleep IF I manage to fall asleep.


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    i will try 400 mg of neurontin, i just took it, i used to take 3200 a day of it. but i needed my brain and bladder back.. maybe if it help with sleep i can only take it evening and wont have the side effect since the half life is about 5 hours and 25 minutes.. see what happpens
    tinoight, i am off my schedule, and not being as active, if i had more activity o would sleep much better.. just dont like taking ambien every night, but i know the ultram also keeps me up

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    well neurontin didnt work, exept i ate everything in the house before sleep last it really increses my appettite and cravings for food... still had to take a ambien, but i did foresake the evening ultram. maybe i could try it again , but take it right before sleep. so i dont eat everything!

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