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Thread: (Continuation comments "Medicine & Science": "Phantom" pain. First: Criticism)

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    (Continuation comments "Medicine & Science": "Phantom" pain. First: Criticism)

    ( )

    Seneca: "Real misery of phantom pain". <- Text comments:
    The first three posts have been posted there.

    {Been 4. Just one got lost somehow within the CC-dictator messing around, by
    of a causes theory with 4 segments,
    removing three of the segments, and leaving the last.
    So that parts in fourth part there no longer could be gotten.

    And the other three no longer being complete, because fourth belonged with them.
    Not sure, but their order might have been:
    1: -> Autism & sensory.
    2.: Stroke where?
    3.: Wild theorizing.
    4.: Self-Influence?
    MBD forgetting rates ain't the best for remembering original contents of the lost segment. Tried to replace it here, somehow, anyway.

    Think, the original might have gotten lost, after the CC-dictator (still not having managed ahora to come up with a differing far better theory),
    censored the causes theorizings as off-topic.
    Me trying to fix this primitive dictatorship's censoring messing results,
    by reposting again parts 1-3, before the 4th part. Ain't belong 1 after 4.
    So 4 had to go out, to get 1 first in. And this labtop with linux is quite differing with copying from my computer. (Like left upwards clicking copy, it ain't there till past, but if whatever else gets marked, and be it accidentally, might be gone from there.) Anyway, got quite chaotic, while shifting between windows here and also over to the writing program, and in the end somehow part 4 was missing.
    I regretted that. Had quite some fun when writing it.

    Anyway, fourth been tried to replace afterwards.
    And since at it, commenting the rest.}

    Long texts aversives might stop here and skip
    towards (15)'s ending part.

    (Plus maybe in (11) : The last 9 lines.)

    Comment to the dictator-craze-dude:

    Though messing around with your discriminator s...
    {and while declaring a causes theorizing about someone's described problem "off-topic",
    while yourself not even having managed a differing far better one yet, laughter},
    and, eventually,
    segments getting jumbled back and forth, might succeed with further segments loss
    (and maybe not rewritten),
    this does not alter, the contents of the first 3 segments have been stated.

    And that NO primitive Dicatorship of CareCure
    aping up and down,
    is replacing a scientific or otherwise contra-arguing,
    which parts of the causes theory
    can't possibly be,
    with problems as such, a cause.

    Some chimp making uk-uk and drumming his chest,
    as if that were to replace the just mentioned,
    might also be wondered if ever having read any literature, how long
    autistics might repeat something found interesting.

    It might be also found entertaining, if the pseudo-"science" dictatorship of CareCure,
    defends pseudo-"science" "phantom" stuff there,
    with contra-scientific dictatorship methods.
    Censoring pseudo-science criticism.

    Dictator's ideology.


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    The contra-scientific dictators of CareCure
    while defending pseudoscientificness with censoring,
    don't make phantom stuff one degree more scientific.

    Censoring out the joke, between 2 joints as opponent of Westie science
    and from the branch LSD, one can still through a THC cloud come up with
    something seeming more scientific than this phantoming around,
    with some causes speculations,
    will not make it more scientific, either.

    This more makes the site dictatorship one seeming to prefer unscientific
    phantoming around stuff,
    over neuro brain sector data about two thalamus systems
    near each other to do with "functions", alike described having changed with this man.

    The defense of this so unscientific phantom stuff brabble by CareCure dictatorship
    against criticism,
    does not change that peripheral vision loss
    can have to do with the lateral geniculate nucleus.
    Being near pain-correlated sectors.
    One very much to do also with limb stuff.

    The theory, the stroke might have caused thalamus damages,
    which might have caused the man's problems,
    with no censoring out from the CareCure dictatorship, as "off-topic",
    is scientifically refuted, to impossibly be causes
    for such as described problems of the man.

    However, the censoring out of causes speculations,
    "phantom" stuff brabble seeming preferred over neuro brain sector data,
    can make one regard the CC dictatorship
    scoring there in scientifness degrees below
    some acidhead levels. Which can be found quite amusing.

    Maybe watch it, you ain't fall in your dictatorship too far below
    even just some acidhead's scientificness levels.

    Laughter ....

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    BTW, the following parts might be partially quite wrong
    and are not meant to be scientific.
    The joke on scientificness before was more meant alike,
    some pseudoscientif stuff seeming made out alike scientific,
    might be improved by reading a few pages of some starter neuro book.
    Instead of jumbling together differing causes for pain under "phantom".

    Parts of the following texts meant to question attitudes towards the issue of long-time pain.

    (Particularily that, of instead of focussing on improving the status of damaged systems, or at least not stress them too much,
    to center on attacking systems this or that way, to maybe make less felt secondary reactions
    to primary causes.
    While how to achieve better natural harmonies in damaged systems,
    seemed of insignificance.)

    Phantoming around, while hazing differing causes together,
    declaring natural reactions as pain in the wake of injuries,
    wrong, attacking systems,
    ignoring aspects about energetic systems, sense-censoredness,
    orders being declared disorders,
    not considering, how to get injured systems to have better harmonies ...

    If looking for some misery causes, context MISERY OF PHANTOM pain attitudes,
    attitudes as in the commented text might lead to systems damages.
    That in no form help the primary damages to heal better.
    IMO partially to the opposite, risking to cause additional problems in injured sectors.


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    {As mentioned, I start with the (rewritten) fourth part.

    My joke in the first three,
    that through a THC cloud one might still arrive with some more scientific stuff,
    than criticized attitudes of phantoming around,
    I regard to pertain with the original commented text.

    In a way the rest does, too,
    but I rather put it here, as it's quite long.
    And as some CC dictator already declares it off-topic,
    if one jokes with a causes theory,
    that the unscientific phantom brabble of the author might improve
    by opening a stater neuro book.

    Where it might not take some genius, or ever having read one full neuro book in one's life, nor particularly intelligence,
    as demonstrated by some MBD tired and stoned flipping through some neuro pages,
    to scribble together some causes theory.

    Without unscientific phantoming around.

    One might wonder if not unscientific attitudes as of the CC dictator,
    censoring systems considerations out as off-topic with the issue pain
    (& still not having managed some better causes theory),
    are to do with phantoming around seeming preferred over sectors considerations.

    Anyway, the dictator may be informed,
    though it's impressive how unscientific he acted again and again,
    no censoring and homo chimping about
    replaces a scientific refuting of theories.

    This also being so for other theories censored out.}

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    A bio-prof might be assumed able to find the switch for the ceiling fan.
    Also various in a neuro-book. (Including the term "hemianopia".)

    If from the branch LSD,
    tired and between between two joints, one lands at,
    might have to do with lateral geniculate, checks in some neuroanatomy book under optic systems and lands with hemianopia,
    and checks under thalamus: What's the next non-geniculate system nearby lateral geniculate doing: functions correlated listed, scoring the highest of all the there listed thalamus systems in similarity to
    what he described as problems,

    why if from the branch bio,
    professor level,
    within years of time, would such not be noticed?

    Also it is said, that not using something long, can decrease connection levels, and using something often, can increase connection levels.

    If so, an obvious deduction might seem, instead of preoccupation with the ceiling fan, etc.,
    a preoccupation with something distracting more from leg sensory might help.
    And not just some minutes in between. But over the next years.

    The man seemed to complain that going to docs didn't lead to help.

    I commented something, that if I were a Westie doc,
    I might not even have flipped through a few neuro pages.

    Prescribing some pain dampening meds/drugs, goes faster, and causes less complications,
    meaning for me then, not systems of the man
    like kidneys, receptor molecule levels, damaged systems getting a chemo load in, etc.

    In the same time, it might take to look up some stuff for more serious,
    soandsomany other patients could have been dealt with, their money coming in, and they maybe partially less well able to look various up, than a retired bio prof.

    Maybe as a Westie doc I'd think, if I were to ask him, if he's having a good partner in life or not, and if retirement left sort of a gap in life, etc.,
    he might not appreciate at all, what's to do with the question, if there might be also a fix on it, as a mental distractor from other issues.

    And maybe think, even if I bothered to look up various,
    telling about results, maybe I'd risk,
    a bioprof, years ahead in time to research about his problems,
    might sarcastically laugh, and indicate,
    amazing, how far back I lag in cellbio, molecularbio, neurobio, etc. research data,
    and maybe rattle down loads, where it might take me years of study to just follow parts better. Or more time, than between patients I'd have,
    even if it were to interest me for serious.

    While as a Westie doc, I'd neither risk this,
    nor with voicing dubious theories, my reputation,
    if just prescribing some pain "meds", be done with it,
    next one, please.

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    "It's frustrating," he says. "Somehow my brain is sending the wrong messages to my body." All brain systems undiscerned ...

    I might be with some stuff hesitant to be sure, that this is actually a wrong message going to the body.

    For example, if ventral posterior lateral nucleus one side did get damaged.

    It might be assumed, that then incoming stuff can get easier too much for the sector.

    One question might be, is there any protective function for the sector in this?

    It might be speculated also, if something gets too much for the sector, for example coming from the leg, and is channelled on to other brain sectors, if not reactions there then also might get altered.
    Without it necessarily all having to go back down the body to the leg.

    "Lane's experience is not unusual. Thousands of stroke victims every year suffer this mysterious pain. The problem is not limited to them - the malady afflicts hundreds of thousands of Americans, including those with spinal cord injuries, cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and amputated limbs."

    Gee, that are partially extremely differing.
    (Apart from that "malady" to me first reminded of the word meaning illness alike of some bacteria, but that might be that English is not my first language, and maybe some other language mingling in.)
    Mysterious to me seems more, how the author mixes so very differing stuff together, and next finds it mysterious, if there were systems damages, than then there is pain.
    And not discerning between differing pain sorts.

    The pain a sector has if getting damaged, for me is not exactly just the same, than the pain if a damaged sector by stuff from other systems getting in seems to have damaged systems sort of react overload to this, it getting too much for them.
    This author just jumbles together differing stuff.

    With cancer, if it makes itself fat, partially pain might be also coming from sort of squeezed in neighbouring systems.
    If the cancer sector is cut out, this is again a differing sort of pain.
    And there's quite differing cancer sorts.

    With diabetes there seem also differing sorts of pains.

    I cannot judge this well there, because for me seems so far not so pain connected, but whatever I got, at times seems to cause less supply to systems, nails and lips getting a bluish tinge, lack of supply in the head also seeming to cause some brain damages.
    And there seem differences between while it's running and wake effects.

    I heard there's differing diabetes sorts, so it might be assumed also in effects differences.

    Anyway, simplified
    cancer might be regarded something to do with genetics read-off.
    Diabetes with a substance not being there as needed.
    SCI with nerves through.
    MS seemed connected with some auto-immune whatever. (If I recall right destroying ensheathing around nerves, and with that then also nerves.)
    Amputation of a limb might still leave magic systems aiming there,
    and getting stuff there's not as supposed to be.

    To take the last one, there whole sectors are gone.
    Differing to cancer, for example making it's cells to so big a cluster to squish into other sectors, which partially might hurt. Or other pain causes.
    Differing to diabetes, where there's not something there, that's needed, and lacks of this might cause damages in a bunch of sectors. But not as with amputation, for a specific region all sectors gone.
    With SCI how much of the sector is gone, can depend on the SCI.
    So I assume differing sorts again within just SCI.
    If a system is still having hardware, but parts gone, and systems still there registering about damages and sending.
    Or the entire sector gone, adjoining nerves being massively disturbed.
    And with magic fields perception and pain transmissions energetically, seemed quite complex individual differences to me (though mostly I wasn't out for trying to channel me this in, as it sucks).

    The mystery to me might be more, how to stick highly differing causes and effects jumbled like this together.

    No wonder, if the outcome might remain rather vague.

    "The syndrome is commonly known as "central pain" because it originates in the central nervous system - the spinal cord and brain - rather than in the limbs and trunk."

    Apart from that I don't regard so differing just one "syndrome", and this jumbling together here and correlated attitudes more some Westie "syndrome",
    with cancer and diabetes both
    damages might be not just in brain systems (and I thought parts of the spinal cord are counted as brain).
    And with amputations of limbs,
    I haven't studied from where magic systems interlinks to there are generated,
    to be particularily quick in judging whatever is correlated to this in source systems.

    (For example, it seems to me, various goes from the lower arm to my hand.
    And though my self cam aim for hand akasha, too, all in all I regard my lower arm simplified more a hand correlate region than my self.
    If I were to get via soandso many systems relayed in, that something's wrong down there, just that my relay neighbours are in the brain, ain't mean, it ain't come at all via closer correlate sectors to the region.

    And if out for checking, if some sector(s cluster) of the brain were more to do with interlinks into a region where there's hardware missing,
    guess might do the job for starts, to try to command for this or that, to aim and phase for down there, and do a resulting patterings comparison.

    Just that this might highten sensory for there,
    and I have my doubts if that'd be a bright idea.)

    "It has confused and vexed doctors and patients for decades."

    This might have to do with Westie docs (too) often being sense censored.

    Therefore not having understanding options of healers who went the "opposite direction", instead of aspiring own sense censoring, having trained out massively magic sensory capacities.

    If it were found important enough, pain sensory such ways might have been trained out by the doc, and this used to directly understand more.

    And in various cases also to counter-steer, and maybe to teach about some counter-steerings.

    "We don't understand it very well, and we don't treat it very well,"


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    "But in the past five years, researchers have begun to unravel exactly how the central nervous system perceives - and creates - pain."

    I'm too lazy to try to look up now, what's all counted in with the central nervous system.

    In my head are several systems, and if I'm more off or more interlinked with some seems to make a central difference in pain perception.

    Simplified, if I leave stuff to what I call the sequencer,
    I might not get minor pains.
    Medium seems sometimes yes, sometimes no.
    High pains seem to be usually transferred, that I'm informed about this.

    While if interlinked with according systems, I might also get minor pains.

    In autism research some of the non-autist Westie science guys
    seem to find it ever so much a puzzle, how comes, at times so-called autists ain't seem to feel any pain, where an average non-autist would,
    and at other times react highly if just touched.

    For me is to do with this.

    (Can't explain it well, tough, now. Is for me more an is so,
    than a how so.)

    It seems to me, that if the sequencer is in central navigational command,
    the lingering of how long pains are felt, is way shorter, and just of importance as long as still very high,
    than if I'm in central command, where then pain perception might linger on, till down, and still many minutes the sort of ebbing out, or so.

    Alike the difference between high levels
    of systems actual importance perceived,

    and smaller being perceived.

    Maybe this is also something to do with the difference with what us systems are to do with.

    In a way I seem also an auxiliary to some extent for other systems, a magic central system, parts of the immune systems, and it falling under my tasks, if something is damaged, to think about if something can be done about this.
    So mine can need the ability for this, to perceive also about longer term pains.

    While for the sequencer might be more important while supervising main movement sequences, if there are still actual damages of significance in this.

    Maybe this is to do with why us systems seem to perceive pain differingly?

    (For my self an obvious problem solving attitude,
    apart from checking out if there's some reprogrammer options,
    might be in seeking high segregated stages to be between me and the sequencer.
    Or simplified between me and a bunch of other systems.

    As then I tend to not perceive my body at all, and seem disconnected with parts in the brain.

    But I guess for others this might be more difficult.
    Differing systems correlations.

    I often grumped at the sequencer, to leave me alone with stuff I regard it's jurisdiction.
    Once also grumped at it, if us systems move meters through a room, without me previously having ordered so, I wish to be in the future informed about this.
    Seem partially quite differing to common systems (non-)correlations.
    And attitudes.

    Though I don't exclude more autistic (non-)correlations between systems
    could help to more just temporarily in between be connected enough,
    to sense about pains, and then be off-link again,
    I'm not sure, how to alter systems correlations towards this in someone.

    Hm, one once said akasha surfing with me made his brain more autistic.
    Just, that it got to strange stages causing that, was also something to do with his attitudes. Not common.
    But before I start to think more seriously about how to reprogam sector correlations towards something I'm not even sure would work out,
    and might also have quite some disadvantages,
    I rather smurf on with the text. ;-))

    "Scientists are using this knowledge to develop new treatments, which could eventually ease Lane's sandpaper sensation."

    Scientists I might not trust far enough, to not cripple into systems, about which they don't understand a lot,
    to reach some effects not solving the source problem, and maybe adding more.

    A scientist might not think twice, if not damages to a thalamus system might have caused, leg sensory stuff getting in, to be too much for the damaged system, and if this might have anything to do with the whole.
    Just starting to mess around with chemistry or cuttings,
    that neither improve this thalamus sector's health,
    nor are becoming for systems balances of other systems.

    Maybe crippling around till sensory relays ain't take place anymore as is natural there, including maybe about new damages info not getting relayed as should, and calling this "treatment".

    A scientist might bomb chemistry into the kidneys and liver,
    without very serious thoughts what this might do,
    causing transmitters to go to wrong levels,
    receptor molecule levels countering the error by number changes,
    and this way causing additional problems,
    that never existed there before.

    Also without one thought, if already damaged brain systems,
    by the chemical onslaught, might get additional problems.

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    "baffling sensations. Some (...) report a tingling coldness."

    The tingling coldness does not baffle me.

    I sometimes got coldness feeling magically relayed into parts of a limb.
    Even if I touched the other there, felt colder than on his other limb equivalent in region.
    Assumed, because connections are not going as common, there's regulations not going as common, and that this is to do with it.

    (When I programmed for R's hand magically a bunch of sensory links, often he complained about cold sensation, alike this were just from me. I thought, gee, where the central injury is, is for me alike a cold chasm down, and feeling real weird down there.
    So cold and weird, I in between even wondered if there's something dead down there, or what. If I recall right, partially equivalent to the regions where he couldn't sense before, temperature in my hand fell.
    Later, when I had interlinked some more again, complaints seemed to go down in number about this cold feeling stuff.
    But I recall in between I had been sitting there rubbing my hand a while.
    Having gone so cold in equivalent regions.

    Back then I thought, if also some vein seeming missing, or at least on the other hand there is one, might have to do with it, not just sensory disconnection.
    Later I thought, if general activity differences might have to do with it also.
    Still not sure. But since the stuff seems transferable to some extent, and not alike I have no connections there, and mine usually were O.K. again some minutes after off-linking again, it seems something beyond nerves through, and for me also beyond just brain systems.)

    But I don't know what to do about such.
    With one it's lower leg, and I didn't even come up with anything for sensory.
    (If I got that right, some dozens metal parts from a gun went into his spine.
    And are still in his systems. That's sort of beyond me.)
    With the other, I figured out how to interlink him a bunch of sensory into back hand regions and some wrist regions again, but that with the coldness, I can feel there even just with normal touch, I don't know how to make this go away.

    BTW, drifting off-topic: With the central injury region there, there remained a coin-sized region off with sensory. I sensed I could make it smaller, but it seemed not found worth the bother by him. Eventually I landed at the question, if there might not be a cause, that this is there.
    That maybe there's something in the center, where for me it sensed like this cold chasm down and weird feeling where the central injury is,
    that it would not be very convenient for systems, to get sensory interlinked with whatever this is there.
    To me this certainly felt highly unpleasant.

    (For me, it felt the center of this coldness.
    With this cold feeling, the worst of them all by far.
    Compared to the rest, the rest alike, hm, not very pleasant,
    and there alike, brrr, uargs.)

    "One patient found that brushing his teeth sent awful pain to his arms."

    From teeth to arms, or to do with certain movements while brushing the teeth,
    or how sensed the correlation?

    Anything in Eastern or Western interlink data about links?

    "I get the feeling there are chunks of broken glass in parts of my body," says 38-year-old Lisa Bard, whose spinal cord was damaged in an accident this year.

    Always the same parts? Any particular system(s) to where?

    There's some places, if it were there, magic interlinks not needing the spine could be tried to be arranged first temporarily, and later also so, the self and some other systems get some more about how to generate such.

    I mean, if the region where it feels like such a glass chunk, is actually sensing O.K., nothing wrong there per se,
    "just" some problem with spine relays between there and the head.
    Then getting some of the centrals like the self and brain base (and with some stuff maybe also thalamus or cerebellum) to phase there more directly,
    might help to counter it a bit.

    More difficult might be to try, to tune from the region to the spine, till where it starts to feel damaged, and up from there, and trying to figure out where in the route is the source for this.
    Not sure, if it could be found, and if brain base and the self
    could be tried to be used as counter-regulators more direct there.

    "Bard (...) has tried numerous drugs and therapies. None has done much to alleviate the pain, which flares up without warning."

    Apart from that messing around with drugs in freshly damaged systems can sound quite mad,
    as future life might depend on how well they recover,
    the "without warning" seems a bit mad to me, too.

    Pain can also be regarded alike a warning. That something is currently not O.K. for systems.
    So the sentence can also read alike the warning flares up without warning.
    I mean, this wasn't well expressed.

    Just pain can be regarded as information there's something wrong with systems.
    So instead of waiting for it to come up, one might also observe, where does it come up. When I had a concussion for example, then for over a year if damaged got too many signals for their damaged capacities in, and it got too much for them.

    (With another sort of damages, to do with a rib, I also noticed weather dependency.
    In cold, humid weather flaring up. As not seeming correlated with hot, dry weather.)

    Why does the I central there not observe systems.
    Instead of bombing them chemically in the attempt to flee from systems informations.

    Better observations might have helped understandings, what increases and what decreases pains.

    (With mine seemed simple: Little to nothing going on, rest stage, not so much a problem, while higher activities seemed about suited to send damaged systems rapidly overload and pains flaring up.
    The choice also being simple, either shutting down activities again, so the damaged can recover, or going on, in which case the pains might even increase.)

    "Drugs that work well for "normal" pain, such as morphine, typically do little for the disorder."
    Apart from that orders so orderly, to parallel pop up in quite a number on differing continents parallel,
    being called "disorders", seems about as nuts, as if someone expected, damaged systems just react like all is fine,
    instead of informing about damages,

    ain't morphine that addictive making stuff, that's here declared as "working well"?

    How so, by messing into the transmitter household, till what's "normal" ain't go anymore in systems, just so the self is saved pains, maybe at the price of an addiction being gotten, once the transmitter household was messed into far enough?
    Though I don't wish to judge this now with something like straight past an OP, on the longer run how "well" this works, seems dubious.

    Morphine I can't judge well, but with H systems adaptions to counter against the level errors it causes, seem to take place (and this seems also to do with addiction), and with these adaptiations, the stuff ain't have as powerful effects as in the start.

    And with some pain drugs on the long run, what these might be good for, is a hightened risk for kidney stones and operations.

    Why are regulatory systems not more connected in?

    Why not some comparison test,

    if trying to shift the damaged alike central
    (and a bunch else more regulated down),

    if trying to shift brain stem to focus into them
    and towards trying to fix something, as central,

    and if the self tries to find out, how to fix a bit there,
    or at least get harmonies calmer and more even, as central,

    which seems the best?

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    "Unwilling or unable to face the excruciating suffering, a significant number of central pain patients commit suicide."

    Instead of PERSON, "patient", in bizarre Westie med thinking.
    (Quite differing to an old Lakota healer called "grandfather",
    persons coming for aid, being implied to be regarded more alike grandchildren,
    and family.

    BTW, among Red Indians it seems not so customary, as in the Westie med system,
    that persons decide to end life, after having been to the healer.)

    "Commit", alike it were a crime, if a person, belonging from head to toes himself/herself, decided to end life.

    Doubly this alike possessional claim in, with "patient" instead of "person",
    and with "commit", as if the person did not just belong this person, free to do with himself or herself, as wishing, being no one else's possession or slave.

    Yet the possessional not going far enough to wish to "possess" this pain also.
    {With Magie, various are able to do some pain sensory interlinks.)

    And therefore also not possessing correlating data.

    Therefore also not having data about counter-regulations options from previous cases in the past.
    Therefore also having less options.
    Which ain't solved, by declaring persons "patients" "committing".

    Whatever their decision for rather death, no interest in bothering with further doctors, might "commit" as an ultimate declaration
    to the Westie healing system concerning pain.

    And wallowing in sense censoring, ignoring thousands of years
    of healing research data results,

    and not finally a transfer system between differing branches into healing
    and healers on Earth
    being established,

    with also better overviews who's into what,
    potential negative effects of methods,
    involved costs, etc.

    seems in no form suited to improve various, not just with pain.

    Somehow reminds me of the story of someone, rather instead of having via Western med system a region cut out of his brain, causing a hole in his brain,
    preferring to go first to the Lakota tribes' healer Frank Fool's Crow, who fixed it magically. Hm, maybe they'd call it "ton".
    Though one might not expect the Westie system to give Frank Fool's Crow a Nobel Price,
    it can still amaze there wasn't more interest from the Westie med systems towards having in his lifetime various of the more suited students also educated there.

    (As if Westie docs, instead of learning more about it, or at least figure for which might go and transfer, prefer to cut holes into persons. How bizarre.)

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    "Until the 1950s, many physicians doubted that the mysterious malady
    even existed"

    I still doubt some single "mysterious" "malady" is THE explanation for so differing causes with quite differing effects.
    I think instead of hazer brabble, stuff like "phantom" and "mysterious" sounding like out of some children spook cartoon,
    a more individualistic approach is better,
    to try to figure out
    more about individual causes and methods to either improve//heal the source damages, or at least to get harmonies some better,
    and if there might exist direct counter-regulation methods.

    (In some C cases with the side of the neck O.K. enough, for example, if equivalent systems interphasing into there, and from there steering for the SCI, can be used to downregulate disharmonies there, towards pain improvements.
    A method one might save oneself even trying, if the side of the neck was severely damaged, too.
    I mentioned some other approaches before.)

    "Traditionally, physicians have been taught that if there's no sensory input, the pain isn't real" So what. Magic systems inputs can go well enough, I had it, one pointed at her head, asking if in mine I have a headache in that region, and yes, I had a while.

    Obviously sufficient, for one as her, to get it exactly to the sector.
    Another told me about systems correlations in me, that I'd never told him about, but he was correct about this, something to do with relations between my self and thalamus.
    Another yet, told me about something with my heart, I checked, yeah, seems he got it before me.
    I am quite used to, that persons crafted in Magie can get about my systems stuff, to the region, and some of what's going on there.

    Instead of the obvious, if there's no sensory input, the pain isn't real,
    more interesting might be, what systems got damaged,
    and if either with these systems there are healing options,
    or with disharmonies causing higher pains, regulatory options.

    (Or partially if sectors correlations can be programmed differingly,
    towards something helping with such. Though that approach might also have disadvantages.)

    "a central pain expert at Harvard Medical School."

    Oh, Harvard.

    Ain't that, where an approach to mental problems is:
    First one attacks systems chemically.
    If then they ain't feel better,
    one e-fries them.
    If then systems ain't feel better,
    one starts to cut connections between sectors.
    Till after lobotomy crimes the person flees, because the next step is to cripple with cuttings more brain systems.

    From Harvard then praising, how grand this is as a method.

    While the average old methods
    mental healer might get someone within about 10 days to feel O.K. enough again.

    Sarcastic laughter ...

    "Researchers now know that central pain stems from misinterpreted signals in the central nervous system." No damaged systems there, or what makes them so sure, that so many individual systems, based on more than hundreds of millions of genetic development, all must be erratic, while they just got it right?

    Seems to me more likely, there's damaged systems, and pain info's to do with this.
    And I find more interesting questions what to do about it.
    Alike with a gone hand, if magic systems are still aiming there, one can't just make the hand as before be there again.

    Would it be wiser to try to get it somehow towards more harmonies
    while still sensory fields extending to there,
    or would it be wiser to try to counter-program somehow attempting if there's any chance to shut down sensory fields from extending into there?

    Inane brabble along the lines, the central nervous system (all systems undiscerned), is just misinterpreting signals, if registering with pain, it sucks this hand is gone, and there's something wrong,
    sounds alike someone expecting systems pretend all is fine, when it is not.

    And just because he and some others would prefer, they pretend all is fine, when it is not, declaring anything not conforming with preferences, to be signal errors.

    " "It's an illusion - a neural illusion," says neuroscientist Bob Yezierski."

    Or one of the bunches of neurology illusions.

    Opening the average neuro book, neuro belief, by me also called neuro religion, can astound in how many thousands of years they lag behind understandings in thousands of years older branches than them, how with some hardware fix whatever English call feinstoffliche systems are massively ignored, how, like headblind, loads of functions are tried to be declared like fact, that the frontal cortex has them, which in my brain I never noticed systems there to have, and where after decades of lobotomy crimes it should also be quite obvious, these are certainly not there, etc.

    Total illusions standardly in neuroscience being mingled with facts.

    Traditionally passed down the generations, alike that frontal cortex crap.

    (As I'm quite used to neuro texts about systems in a human head,
    where I got enough data, to compare,
    reading like fact, fact, error, error, fact, error, fact, ...
    but all expressed alike facts,
    it can disquiet,
    if not having such data about a system and just reading there,
    if assuming the error rate is the usual in neuro.)

    (And I just snipped a list of usual errors, alike if a bunch of sectors get active with a task, to declare functions to be in one, that not in this one but elsewhere are.

    Laughter ...

    They search to understand within their heads
    outside their heads.
    Trying to conform results to befit their belief.
    And this is a source to errors.)

    "You have a sensation that something is going on, but in fact nothing is going on. The only thing happening is an abnormal activation in the central nervous system."

    So in fact activation is going on, therefore in fact nothing is going on.
    How logical.

    How neuro"logical". Neuro at its best.

    Not even knowing what is normal for the individual under such circumstances,
    but knowing something similar is normal for other individuals with similar circumstances.
    Yet declaring it abnormal.
    Alike declaring it abnormal one with a broken leg ain't run the same
    as one with healthy systems.

    (SCI ...) "central pain is particularly vexing: 60 percent to 90 percent of the 400,000 spinal cord injury patients in this country have the disorder."

    Order, not disorder. Disorder might be, if not having any pain after such a central injury.
    Apart from if more than half get something, this is certainly not a case of some genetic warp or single oddity, but simplified distinctly recognizable as an order masses have.

    Disorderly are declarations of erratic shite like facts,
    of whomever wrote this crap.

    And not recognizing patterings of orders masses have,
    seems not suited to understand these orders better,
    and in a more orderly way react.
    Declaring orders disorders, seems suited to cause disorders in approaches.

    This might even lead to dangerous stupid stuff,
    like with Westie scientists messing into persons with MBD is often found,
    that after primary damages secondary effects belonging then so,
    are declared, because not being so as with persons not having the primary damages,
    to be disorders, irregardless how orderly these secondary effects pop up and belong so,
    and chemical attacks being started into children's confiscated organs and brains,
    causing not just in the primary damaged systems but down to organs and cellular levels disorders.
    Partially even irreversible damages.

    Declaring non-comprehended special orders following with systems adaptations to damaged systems, disorders, just because these orders ain't befit their ideology,
    and then via chemical attacks into organs and on cells causing disorders, and partially irreversible disorders.
    And partially not giving a shite, while at chemically bombing organs and brain systems where many functions are not understood yet,
    what this does to the previously primary damaged systems.
    Total madheads.

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