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Thread: (Continuation comments "Medicine & Science": "Phantom" pain. First: Criticism)

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    "For many, this pain is more debilitating than the original injury - one study found that almost four in 10 patients would gladly trade pain relief for the chance to regain pre-injury movement."

    Pain might go up while programming for this, but what if one were to for around the damaged regions?

    That interlink capacities with these are hightened?
    To test options to use parts for regulators?!

    Or from the brain stem phasing into the SCI (in between also through to the other side), and trying to get either this or that SCI sector alike central command or the brain stem (or eventually together) to regulate towards some better systems stages?

    Also for what's between
    regions O.K. and a hole.

    ((And I'm aware on this site magic systems bridge settings are not seeming fashionable, however the thought occurs, if a bunch of systems were gotten used to,
    nah, they are not supposed to get on the cookie of the SCI by just trying through,
    and maybe cause overloads there,
    but are to try for aiming longer distance for phasings together,
    and then systematically program for this for a bunch of sectors,
    though this might take between many months and some years,
    if there'd not also be advantages to that.
    I mean, might also have disadvantages, that even if trying to hold the SCI more out, still systems will try transphase straight through them.

    However if systems below and above are at least a bit better able to react together again, even if stuff in the middle might leave seriously to be wished for a long time to come, it might have advantages.

    Alike the one with the "glass shards".

    In case it comes from the SCI, that if systems below & above phase,
    them in the middle can fire some weird stuff, if still enough is left for this, but others able to check and coreact better.
    And I still think it might be a mistake, that so many over years or even decades seem to leave systems to coreact so little with each other.
    Not that I have it and can judge it well.
    Just I don't understand why they do this.

    I mean, it's not standard to longer distance internally phase with direct aimings not natural, but so what. Systems ain't in the most natural stage anymore in the first place.
    Personally I doubt I'd be particularily inhibited, to reprogram several neocortex systems, to trans-air phase into some outer body akasha again,
    and I might not give a shit if back occipital is an optical system, to me seems it can also, irregardless how unnatural it seems for it,
    and to me seems also if doing it for back occipital, than one higher, and straight next trying to set sensory cortex to it,
    though this one seems more an SCI passer, if managing to set it to long distance phasings, I think can partially go also.
    Brain stem, anyway, for spine below C damages.

    And though this is entirely off-topic with here, with D's systems I started to wonder in some lower arm muscle stuff contemplations,
    if one tries to get it from there the old route to the spine, but somehow stop before, and some not exactly entirely natural activation for this,
    and then set thalamus of the opposite brain half,
    to aim for this "line" of activations, and interlink with it,
    what options might be going off from this?

    Basically this one by-passes the SCI.
    But if this could ever be used for motor control, I have high doubts.

    {However if not trying, might not be found out, either.
    And I think at the time the considerations were more something to do with twitches, and from there getting more generally to interlinks to this region.
    And from that somewhen landing with thinking, cannot thalamus sort of fish itself, via not exactly the most natural routes, interlinks connections?

    Figuring, it might eventually get better how to do this, than I.
    I'm not thalamus.

    But mine ain't like settings for SCI systems particularily.
    Took me many months to get it to comply more regularily, instead of just exceptionally, a bit with such.
    However if my systems had SCI, I'm fairly sure what I call the sequencer in my systems, might get quite expert to develop long distance sensitivities and field extension capacities to get itself a bunch, where now it might more just protest, but then I assume systems there would also have some more inclinations towards this maybe, as if they don't, they'd plain not get the connection if just trying common ways via spine systems SCI or just outright hole.} ))

    From what I understood also massage and meditation seemed to be regarded partially helpful.

    (Criminal into systems of persons of related kinds) "after an injury, the spinal cord's main inhibitory circuitry breaks down, allowing pain-transmitting neurons to fire much more often than normal. "The brain interprets these abnormal discharges as pain," he says."

    What if they are pain? I mean, the central channel's damaged.
    For systems orientation, how to maybe still fix some, might be important to get very well, what's O.K. and what's not O.K. .

    Quite obviously highly damaged sectors cannot handle the same amounts of signals.
    Therefore high sensitivity towards what sends them overload,
    and be it in the form of high pain, might help other systems doing, what's not good at the time for the damaged regions.

    It might enable systems better to learn, how to adapt to that there's damaged in between and to shut down activities overloading remaining and partially highly damaged systems.
    And to become more sensitive to the welfare degree of these.

    As the future of systems, particularily in nature, might depend on how well and how far they recover,
    even if it sucks to be bombarded with pain degrees infos there,
    it might not have to be regarded a total natural error.

    Might also help to stick systems fixations right towards what to do,
    to improve this as far as possible.

    Which might be more important, than a whole load else.

    A human might find it in the way, with brabbling with others, with persuing this or that outer entertainment, and with being busy with a whole load else, other than being at centrally trying to process to fix internally as much as possible.

    But if being busy centrally with trying to fix as much as possible,
    it might enable quite some guidance.

    ((I recall with CR pic games, I was used to with a 2000er, to get spinal pains way faster, than with a 2003er.
    With a 2003er I had to be at firing around quite a load, before managing to get me a round of spinal pains in.
    A while I shifted between a 2000er and a 2003er back and forth various times, there also getting this difference in quite a bit.
    And at one occasion, I even intentionally then kept pain in as sort of a guidance for something.
    Basically there's a spinal region in me, where breathing perception for me goes up if focussing there. And I was in the game at aiming from there weaker side to below SCI & brain base in. Trying to figure out, to where I can inregulate this, without the pain in left SCI equivalents going higher.
    So I wanted tuning settings, so the pain remains on very low levels, just alike an indicator telling me till where this just remains so, and where it starts to increase.
    To comprehend better, till where seems still half-way O.K. with such SCI, and where not and more suited to cause overloads.

    Pain might be regarded as a useful guidance in this, to get, that not all that per se seems to go, seems actually something that would be becoming for SCI there.))

    Anyway, since I had it to systematically maintain pain with such as guidance,
    if pain is systematically maintained with SCI naturally, maybe it's also guidance.
    And since between the 2000er and the 2003er I noticed distinct differences,
    it seemed there were direct correlations beween how much SCI could take and pain.

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    Off-Topic: BTW, what in my systems I also noticed in weirdo pic games, were reaction differences to SCI more generally.

    With the first times, the standard for me seemed to be, to go after a bunch of seconds alike half k.o. to the ground, and needing various minutes to recover.

    Eventually I could do it some minutes, before flopping onto my back and recovering a while.

    Within a month or two, I had it, that I could do it, and it often didn't get to that.

    However systems changes not good for my systems, registering to have taken place, particularily with r-l evenness disturbances, that bugged me.

    With D pic games, SCI sector equivalents one side still hurt many minutes after the first times, when I stopped.
    I wasn't used to that from CR pic games.
    As I wasn't out for such, I then got this hang with tuning to the side into the neck, and from there towards the SCI equivalents, regulating a while around, (!) and this down.
    Which for whatever reasons seemed to be more efficient, than just a total logout,
    and afterwards rubbing my neck or so.

    Eventually, also trying with differing SCI pics, I got towards early sort of scanning for SCI sectors location (I ain't got good memory, played with various pics, though mainly more just interested in a few), alike, ah, about there it starts to fade out,
    scanning around a bit more to get, from about where to where this goes,
    regulate around with mine, that they do not phase like for a non-SCI region,
    and seemed to solve the problem.

    Or at least I don't recall to have gotten in pains with such in a long time.
    This might not help people with SCI, (<-?)
    but for me the trick seems to be in the phasings settings towards SCI.

    Simplified, either not phasing with there,
    or carefully adapted phasing with there.

    (Or with CR's pic with the Feb. 2003er it was simplified alike downregulatory control of
    the trans-SCI equivalent energetic stream power.
    That this is remaining within low enough parameters.
    Going too high, just tended to catapult my systems off-log.
    Being still within what seemed per se possible there, but seemed too high and overload for SCI parameters, resulted with pain.)

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    Off-Topic continued:

    BTW: With CR's in pic games, one trick seemed, taking the most damaged of a side,
    that still registers to have hardware, and regulating energetic settings ways down and trying to get it towards quite adaptive,
    and towards this sector alike central.

    Basically aiming alike generating a block around the SCI,
    regulating stuff in the head and body ways down,
    shutting down more irrelevant trans-SCI traffic.
    And going towards stages alike towards sleep or trance.
    Very low energetic stages.

    Although this sector by very seems not far enough for direct logs,
    it seemed to me a few seconds one could do it with it.
    With right C1, even without going for such a far-going down-regulatory fuzz,
    a bunch of seconds, if sticking settings to this alike central.

    I suspected repeatedly, right C1 there has latent capacities, that eventually one could train such towards minutes, not that I say this is CR's thingie.
    If it were CR's liking, I assume he'd have figured long ago if interlinking special ways what I call io channels with non-SCI, this could be used partially to uprogram their capacities.
    Seem quite some capacities depending on these.

    With other's whose pics I used, I however didn't notice registration of enough hardware existing for alike options.

    Big "hole" regions however might have advantages, to not have to heed overload the same, and compared to smaller ones more space to center tunings into there and doing various.

    Alike if wishing to have some energetic line going between something pertaining below and above together, and amplifying that one.

    Or once I was at thinking, if centering in the hole,
    if using the lower part of such a line aimed into a non-SCI area,
    and generating from the center slight pull energy towards there,
    if there might be an option, to sort of slurp hardware from this sector this direction, to extend//grow a bit along this pull trajectory
    for some better signal traffic convenience.

    Hm, I'm sure a neuro wouldn't call it slurping hardware into a hole.

    And I'm not even sure if such a slight pull energy trajectory
    could be used as a trigger for hardware to start grow along this guidance line.

    Might take something more broad and parallel going,
    than just a thin line, anyway.

    Is not really my problem, either.

    I stuck the only sequence that was a serious and in mine working hardware transgrowth sequence I started in such a game with the magic sequences collection.

    And also a few, where, though I wasn't stupid enough again to command growth in my systems where it doesn't belong, I didn't entirely exclude
    these might go also.

    Actually I found it strange, there's so many with SCI on the site, and not one I noticed being fanatically into figuring out into and through SCI transgrowth command sequences,
    going in correct enough orders, and heeding systems enough.

    Alike many ain't care.
    This might remain beyond my understanding forever.

    How can one be this segregated, and care this little about finding transgrowth sequences?

    As an outsider, one might have expected this to be one of the most fanatically persued "hobbies" among people with SCI.

    (Particularily with C-SCI. Where it might suck among the most to have it.
    And head sectors being closest, compared to lower SCI, in fields extension range
    into SCI and to the first non-SCI below.
    Lesser distances, than if it were further down.)

    I mean, stuff like, kill soandso cell sort, without even saying what systems all got this cell sort, nor what later it might be needed for,
    neither changes that field perception might for ways more than a meter transmit pain signals, nor does killing parts of one's systems solve there being SCI sectors.

    Targetly messing into sodium channels of cells to me seems outright extremely mad.

    (Ever counted, how many cells in how many systems use sodium channels?!
    Into how many the suggested extreme messing into systems there'd go?
    If whoever came up with this suggestion to mess on such wide cellular levels into systems, had a practicing licence, and I could withdraw it, I might.)

    I read other methods before, that amounted to cutting and crippling.
    Without seeming to heed far, in several cultures SCI OPs are already done.
    Nor, how far outside SCI targetted crippling of systems might later get into the way.

    Methods to cripple or/and kill parts of systems, might be mentioned like grand,
    but partially leaving out far, or totally, negative aspects about them.
    And considerations, that parallel there's differing SCI OP methods of sticking something into them already these days. Who knows how many over the next decades.

    "that once severed, spinal cord neurons try to reconnect themselves. They succeed, but often link with the wrong neurons."

    I commented before, that it might have advantages,
    if some good professional were to program along.

    And with stuff stuck into SCI, that, even before it's stuck in,
    if a bunch of energetic pathways are interphasing together of pertaining systems,
    might have guidance advantages for
    from where to where
    stuff's supposed to grow and interlink.

    I'm not saying, it'd make it perfect.
    Just that it might improve accuracy of interlinks growing together.

    "This mis-wiring might help explain why those with the disorder can feel piercing pain in response to seemingly harmless stimuli such as clothing on skin."

    Just that in this text one was mentioned who had a stroke, and this did not seem to imply in the spine.
    And with autism high discomfort from clothing on skin is often heard about.
    Again it usually not seeming the spine injured there.

    Clothes are not old natural order.

    Before getting at what's a disorder for serious,
    with aversions against something not old natural order,
    this might be considered.
    Apart from that most kinds do not wear clothes,
    before Christians preached uptight stuff, there were quite many regions where also humans did not wear particularily many clothes at all on their bodies.
    This with clothes is, historically regarded back over the last several hundred millions of years, a fairly new thingie.

    From this perspective, not an extremely long systems adaptations time for clothes.

    As persons, with no particular spinal damages mentioned about them, also have sensory problems with clothes, it might be worth to also consider this.

    Some thought off-drifts:

    One referred in this text, in context with pain, to temperature sensory differences. Been thinking, pain and temperature sense,
    were listed with spine as contralateral (other side),
    and tactile and limb position as ipsilateral (same side).

    Another was:

    I ain't got this with the clothes. (Hm, sometimes can bug me a bit, but not like a serious problem.) But I got it, that with other sensory stuff it can seem like ways too much for me.
    Patterings seem like this:

    Because systems are damaged, not so much goes parallel.
    With this, what comes in, can get rapidly too much.

    One of two major systems reactions might ensue:

    1. A total or near total dock-off with the entire "class(es)" of such.
    (All hearing, all visual, all body, etc., sensory. Or just bits left.)

    2. A fixing on what's particularily bugging, which often can be artificial
    sourced inputs. This then taking up central processings.
    Aversion reactions might get high to the extreme against this bugging stuff.

    Thought, if it's not some wiring having gone wrong, but that systems got damaged,
    maybe loads of sensory signals from clothes against so many skin regions parallel, might be just too much parallel for damaged systems.
    And something alike such aversive reactions ensuing?

    "Without input, the thalamus becomes hypersensitive,
    firing more frequently in response to smaller stimuli."

    Why "hyper" sensitive? This seems normal to me.

    (I commented before on SCI correlated experiments here, trying to get thalamus of the opposite side to link over to some muscle signals correlated stuff.)

    If thalamus systems weren't adapting towards getting stuff via translinking differing to it and correlating differing with it,
    if the spine main connection channellings are damaged, so through there ain't go,
    then how are they supposed to else get it?

    I mean, are they supposed to just remain segregated, or what.

    I assume, if it were my thalamus, and it showing no signs, to being magically interlinking some longer distances with systems,
    then, after being finished to arrange energetic connections between brain base with several spine regions, among next on the list might be thalamus.

    And in between some cerebellar attempts.
    With several neocortex systems, quite irregardless how they are taking to it, them, anyway.
    Particularily sensory cortex seeming of importance to me in such.

    I don't perceive enough advantages in instead just leaving them without such connections.

    And yeah, they might have to become some more sensitive, for some longer distance relays interlinks.

    Just if SCI in a spine seem in no particular hurry with alterations
    towards, that hardware relays through there go again,
    about the next obvious solution for the time being to me seems,
    to work on altering, internal long distance interphasings going better.
    If not wishing to just leave systems so segregated,
    seems from an acidhead perspective some of such might be improved
    in a dozen sessions or so, or for more serious maybe 2 years.

    While with SCI waiting for hardware connections in high SCI sectors to increase,
    one might wait years or decades without much changing.

    So I ain't get what natural reactions in thalamus are made out alike "hyper"sensitive. And alike something wrong with its reactions changing.
    For me it'd belong to change. So for getting internal long range connections,
    there's higher capacities and better sensitivity.

    (I might less worry about what belongs,
    and more hope that the sequencer is bright enough,
    to eventually get how to program itself a bunch alone.

    As else according interlinks might either not go at all,
    or might require that the self figures out how to get thalamus to it.
    Which might require quite some additional work.
    And would be just more practical, if the sequencer got it alone.

    Or at least not requiring ages for some starter help,
    till getting various somewhen better alone.

    If the sequencer never got the hang alone, I might regard this alike a major fall-out.
    From my perspective the other main thinker, not being processing, too, how to get a bunch of systems to phase together.
    That'd suck.

    I might regard it alike the in this third most important command central.
    {After the brain base and the self.}

    So I regard it more the opposite: If, simplified, thalamus weren't starting to change capacities alone, I might work towards that it will.)

    [Brain base phasing in with spine regions.
    From several neocortex sectors energetically bridging over, as mentioned elsewhere. Trying for sensory c. down. Thalamus down in with spine. Giving cerebellum some tries. And upper frontal cortex. (Maybe after first sensory cortex, and if getting this, then straight over to upper frontal and trying from there, too.)
    Also trying to figure out various about some spine regions.
    Interesting, though for me might be a bit much parallel, seems also trying settings together for navel, spine a certain area (the hight, where for me sometimes also heart correlated perceptions increase; in T), brain base, my self, and the SCI.
    I mentioned elsewhere transgrowth considerations.

    (Me, might also wonder if some embryonal programs could be reactivated without triggering dangerous shut off cellular programs?
    Been born late, and when younger at times I went towards embryonal in the bathtub. {Bugged me needing to surface for breathing in between, as not in the old programs.} Forget when it ceased, in teenage? Anyway, doubt these days I still could like that.
    But wonder, anyway, if not from towards such stages might be some special options.)]

    (Been before at thalamus alterations ... )

    "A similar alteration might occur in stroke victims,
    says University of Maryland, Baltimore pain researcher Joel Greenspan."

    I ain't get, what thalamus segregated with spine, and making some changes
    (maybe to be better able to synch long distance with akasha of systems, or whatever),
    is supposed to be similar to generalized stroke "victims".
    (Which partially might have become "victims" of their own actions. Alike having stuffed fatty foods into them, maybe smoked also, too little sports, etc.)

    I'm no med smurf. But so far it was my understanding, a stroke means in the melon, some blood vessel alike getting corked and bursting, which might be quite unbecoming for brain systems.

    This sounds very differing from, for example, spine broken,
    and thalamus altering adaptive.

    A stroke might damage, for example, the language structurer.
    And the self then might have talking problems.

    So I fail to get the similarity.

    "He suspects that in the months after the stroke, healthy brain neurons sprout into damaged areas."
    Such was not mentioned with the previous thalamus example. Again similarity not gotten. Thalamus might be quite far away from SCI.

    "These invading cells" Why "invade"?! (Do they kill others? Plunder? ...)
    If someone were out of money, and another gave him some,
    or something else not there and given, is this invasion?
    Weird vocabulary use & attitudes.

    "might misinterpret incoming signals, turning innocuous sensations into excruciating ones."

    "Might"ing around,
    it might also be that one assumes it not the task of a single brain cell to interpret a bunch. Apart from, why should a whole bunch of DNA-proper neurons ALL misinterpret.

    Might be also, the author'd call it even "innocuous", in case a damaged sector,
    not able to handle as much as before parallel, and with injured systems,
    is sent highly overload by other systems' signals,
    maybe even up to risk of additional damages to damaged systems disturbed in recovery.

    (IMO some forms of overloads in some damaged systems can even cause epilepsy.)

    Anyway, one might wonder if this author would call
    even damaging overloads of a damaged system "innocuous",
    while declaring interlinks into the sector reporting damages and overloads,
    in forms of pains, to be misinterpretation errors.

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    "Greenspan and Lenz are trying to map brain areas where specific pain sensations occur." Which does not change, that also energetically pains can be transmitted over quite some distances.

    Whether between some person and another, or in one person internally quite some distances, for example in someone who got a limb partially severed.

    Anyway, if in a person it were "just" some brain areas that are the source centers.
    Injuries might have occured then, and pains being reactions to this.

    Even if knowing in which individual case which sectors are perceiving pains
    in context with this or that differing injury, this does not heal the injury.

    Someone once asked if I have some headache pills. I ansered (in German) alike:
    Wrong address for such. If I get a headache, it tends to have causes.

    These causes are not made gone, by chemically messing additionally into systems.
    Usually pain indicates there's systems damages.

    Low activities caused by other systems in the according sector(s),
    sleep, relaxing, ... Can averaged seem good for them recovering better.

    Some pains can also inform me, by going up, if a damaged sector gets ways more overloaded than is good for it.

    To add, to already existing damages, chemical attacks into brain sectors and body organs,
    to numb important systems informations, regarded sucking, seems not very wise.

    Anyway, no headache pills were to be had from me.

    "With such a map, doctors might one day be able to switch off particular sensations:"
    By crippling into systems, where many functions are little to partially not at all
    understood by them? Grand.

    To try to switch off something, that might be about as little
    for serious well understood by them.

    Also noticed by wild speculations,
    it might be this, it might be that.

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    "Scientists at the University of California, San Francisco announced last month that they had injected a signal-blocking gene into the rat cortex, halting pain coming from a specific brain region."

    Criminals language can keep astounding.
    THE Jew. THE monkey. THE rat. THE groupname-in-singular of an imprisoned person.
    Held prisoner, though not having committed a serious crime,
    to be committed serious crimes into.
    THEd about with the groupname in the singular, as if a person pertaining to a group,
    would be THE excuse to commit criminal acts into this person.

    (Sometimes along with trying to declare one's own worst kind of&for Earth the best.
    Remotely alike saying: I'm of the worst kind of all for planet harmonies,
    and therefore obvious the best kind of all on Earth, justifying atrocious perversions into imprisoned women, men and children. Declared like things possessions, called alike
    THE deindividualized, desexualized, possessionalized brain relative.)
    And if somewhen not getting at imprisoned women, men and children
    of us mammalian persons anymore, predictably neuro might then try for the next closest brain relatives they can keep prisoners and maim around in, calling such a person
    THE ... (groupname-in-singular).

    It's THE PERSON.

    Anyway, so they injected some gene into the cortex of an imprisoned person.

    A gene seems usually in nature within a cell. So just injecting a gene into some area with cells, what does it do. Remaining outside the cells or getting into cell's DNA somehow?

    Apart from this, while very many brain systems both our kinds have,
    one that their's ain't seem to have is the language structurer.
    So that the prisoner cannot verbally inform what is thought about this.
    Therefore, even if from some here unspecified brain region
    something doesn't go to some unspecified part of the cortex,
    this is not informing me, if the self could get something from this or that region.

    (Someone might as well inform my "limbic" centered self:
    From unspecified region A
    something ain't go anymore to unspecified region B in the neocortex.
    So what. This unspecified stuff ain't tell, how much can('t) go to the self.
    Nor, what systems get all disturbed, if one sector is crippled around in,
    till it can't transmit to another properly anymore.)

    And if the self couldn't get pain informations about regions anymore,
    next one might touch something burning hot, without noticing.
    Cut oneself accidentally, and not notice.
    Get some body part squished, and not notice. Etc.

    With crippled pain information, unnoticed, maybe also such a bunch of splinters, thorns, etc. sticking out of damaged systems, that one might look alike a hedgehog.

    How aspirable.

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    "For now, though, doctors must rely on a less exact method to stop the brain's aberrant pain signals."

    "The brain's" generalizing all sectors (and brains). "Aberrant" declaring that pain signals are this in the first place, in a genetic individual
    with no second exactly in all internal structures and connections
    being like this one.

    Meanwhile again and again pointing out that there were damages to systems, in which case pain is a natural consequence.

    And not aberrant at all.

    In other words, this could be also read, that doctors must
    rely on unexact methods to stop something natural.

    The whole seeming to amount to, that they are supposed to cripple around in systems,
    to stop secondary wake effects that are natural,
    without particular care to primary damaged systems seeming given at all.

    So should a damaged system have much less processor capacities than before,
    and is sent overload by sensory signals (partially maybe also disturbing repairs),
    reacting to the damaging signals with pain,
    then best, to declare this aberrant,
    and proceed with,
    poisoning cells till death,
    clog up channels in other cells and mess massively into cellular balances,
    saw the skull open, which sure it'll appreciate,
    to force in trodes, so very healthy for natural systems on which they are placed, to hammer out for sensitive systems brutal artificial energies, till maybe, maybe not, sensory tries to shield this far off enough to not get other stuff this well anymore,
    drill some holes into the skull, to then stab with needles into brain systems
    to force in some genes not belonging there,
    and what's about just still missing in this lovely treatement list
    is something alike advertized elsewhere, cutting nerves connections so signals can't pass anymore through the this way maimed, previously healthy systems,
    and maybe a load of chemical bombardments, till kidney OP, to cause transmitter levels leaving natural, and then receptor molecule numbers changing to counter these errors,
    this way receptor molecule numbers in systems being reeled out of balances,
    till in the end having crippled systems sufficiently,
    that if a damaged sector protests, to be sent overload with signals,
    too much for its damaged capacities,
    the protests are no longer sensed,
    and, between being forced too far overload and loads of attacks into systems,
    the primary damage sectors seeming to have a good chance for getting additionally damaged.


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    "THE END" so far of my commenting this text.

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