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Seneca: "Real misery of phantom pain". <- Text comments:
The first three posts have been posted there.

{Been 4. Just one got lost somehow within the CC-dictator messing around, by
of a causes theory with 4 segments,
removing three of the segments, and leaving the last.
So that parts in fourth part there no longer could be gotten.

And the other three no longer being complete, because fourth belonged with them.
Not sure, but their order might have been:
1: -> Autism & sensory.
2.: Stroke where?
3.: Wild theorizing.
4.: Self-Influence?
MBD forgetting rates ain't the best for remembering original contents of the lost segment. Tried to replace it here, somehow, anyway.

Think, the original might have gotten lost, after the CC-dictator (still not having managed ahora to come up with a differing far better theory),
censored the causes theorizings as off-topic.
Me trying to fix this primitive dictatorship's censoring messing results,
by reposting again parts 1-3, before the 4th part. Ain't belong 1 after 4.
So 4 had to go out, to get 1 first in. And this labtop with linux is quite differing with copying from my computer. (Like left upwards clicking copy, it ain't there till past, but if whatever else gets marked, and be it accidentally, might be gone from there.) Anyway, got quite chaotic, while shifting between windows here and also over to the writing program, and in the end somehow part 4 was missing.
I regretted that. Had quite some fun when writing it.

Anyway, fourth been tried to replace afterwards.
And since at it, commenting the rest.}

Long texts aversives might stop here and skip
towards (15)'s ending part.

(Plus maybe in (11) : The last 9 lines.)

Comment to the dictator-craze-dude:

Though messing around with your discriminator s...
{and while declaring a causes theorizing about someone's described problem "off-topic",
while yourself not even having managed a differing far better one yet, laughter},
and, eventually,
segments getting jumbled back and forth, might succeed with further segments loss
(and maybe not rewritten),
this does not alter, the contents of the first 3 segments have been stated.

And that NO primitive Dicatorship of CareCure
aping up and down,
is replacing a scientific or otherwise contra-arguing,
which parts of the causes theory
can't possibly be,
with problems as such, a cause.

Some chimp making uk-uk and drumming his chest,
as if that were to replace the just mentioned,
might also be wondered if ever having read any literature, how long
autistics might repeat something found interesting.

It might be also found entertaining, if the pseudo-"science" dictatorship of CareCure,
defends pseudo-"science" "phantom" stuff there,
with contra-scientific dictatorship methods.
Censoring pseudo-science criticism.

Dictator's ideology.


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