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Thread: Worse nerve pain after 30 years

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    Worse nerve pain after 30 years

    My husband told me today, as i suspected, that his nerve pain is worse now then ever before.

    He has a complete T3 injury and has nerve pain from time to time at his level. It used to happen about once a day and he said in the past 12 months it has increased to 5 or 6 times a day and worse in severity but not in durration.

    My husband is a physician and said its expected to get worse over time and that its normal but I am worried because it didnt get worse for 29 years and then 5-6 times worse in 12 months. he always down plays his pain and illnesses. He also mentioned his spazams are worse, although I didnt think so at all. maybe i got totally used the time.

    Anyone have any idea about this??????????


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    I want to emphasize that internet medicine is not a good idea and what your partner must do is to find with a doctor who is experienced with treating neuropathic pain associated with spinal cord injury to develop an adequate analgesic protocol.

    Based on your description, I assume that your partner is already taking pain medication and that it is usually adequate but what he is getting occasional (5-6 times per year) breakthrough pain that is associated with spasms. What follows below is based on general principles rather than for the specific case of your partner.

    There are several types of neuropathic pain that are associated with spinal cord injury and the treatment of the pain depends on the type of pain, what medications are being taken and what has worked or not worked in the past.

    The first task must be to ascertain the cause of the breakthrough pain. There are many potential causes of an increase in pain and spasticity, including urinary tract infections, actual back pain, impaction, etc. These potential causes should be carefully looked for and reduced as much as possible.

    The second task is to review his current medications (baclofen, neurontin, etc.) to figure out what can be changed to reduce the incidence of breakthrough pain.

    The third task is to find an appropriate breakthrough pain medication, based on the above.

    In general, pain associated with spasms or spasticity may be easier to treat. It should be more responsive to the standard drugs such as amitryptaline, baclofen, and neurontin.


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    He doesnt take any pain medication as the pain used to only happen once a day and last 20 to 60 seconds.

    I am just worried what could be causing the worsening in the past 12 months. He also doesnt take anything for spams, he had a procedure many years ago that makes them not too bad.


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    Same thing happened to me after 30 years, however I was a walking incomplete t2. I had a tethered cord and had untethering surgery which made everything worse. I only take 10mg of ditropan xl daily for spastic bladder.

    Good luck !!


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    Does he have a scoliosis, and perhaps osteoporosis? Perhaps he has a pinched nerve?


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    Moody, I misread your post, saying that your husband is getting his pain associated with spasms 5-6 per day rather than 5-6 times a year. I apologize and should be reading the posts much carefully.

    It sounds as if your husband is getting increasing spasms and the spasms are associated with pain. In addition to the questions and suggestions by Alan and Kiernan, is he taking baclofen for spasticity? Sometimes, this helps reduce the spasms. Has he been engaging in more or less exercise, or other activities, that may be changing the excitability of the spinal cord? Has he checked out his bladder since bladder spasticity can be associated with spasms and pain? Does he have a pressure sore, urinary tract injection, or any change in his seating?


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    He doesn't take medication for spasms. The only medication he takes regularly is ditropan. No pressure sores or bladder infection.

    I am not sure if the spasms have anything to do with the pain. They dont happen at the same time. He had a risotomy (?) many years ago so they really arnt too bad at all. He does have osteoporosis in the long bones of his legs and pelvis. He has his spine fused to repair scoliosis. He had that done when he was 14 years old.

    I guess a difference in the past year is he gets less sleep and we also have been bike riding. Also they built a hallway uphill (its a bridge that goes over a road from one building to the next) that he has to go up at least once a day, if not several times. He has always been strong but now his muscles are huge.

    I shouldn't worry so much, but when we first lived together he got ill with a mystery disease and nearly died. No one ever did find out what caused his lungs to bleed and I think every time anything happens to him I get over worried. Thanks for the insight. I suppose a host of issues can cause this pain, and if he is healthy otherwise, I shouldn't worry.


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