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Thread: Pain and weather

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    Pain and weather

    I've heard plenty from people about their pain changing in cool weather vs warm. I'm curious whether anyone has noticed a difference when the barometric pressure goes up or down, or when it rains. I recently heard from one person who says their neuropathic pain decreases dramatically during torrential downpours. Their impression was that perhaps negative ions from the storm played a role.

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    I notice a significant difference in the CP level when there is a front moving in. It sometimes drives me to cover up in bed. I often tell my wife that a front is coming and when we turn on the weather channel it always confirms it.

    I do not agree with some arguments that the change in barometric pressure is the cause. The pressure changes when I go in an airplane or travel in the mountains and there is no corresponding change in pain levels.

    I believe that there is a change in the charge that pervades the atmosphere when a front moves in. I have heard that some people notice an effect when they are near to large waterfalls or caves where the atmosphere is constantly damped.

    I have kidded my wife about buying a large Van DeGraaf generator to create a constant charge in our house so the fronts wont affect me.

    I have not seen any research on this type of CP reaction but there is documentation for people with arthritis and old wounds who also sense the change in weather.

    Joe B

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    I've never noticed a change in my pains that corresponds to weather changes.

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    You know I am not sci but my arthritis is worse for the weather. I need a normal summertime. Owwwwww....If I drug up enough for painless, I cannot work...I just nod off!!!

    Patients hate it when you fall asleep in their rooms......


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    • Wilder FV, Hall BJ and Barrett JP (2003). Osteoarthritis pain and weather. Rheumatology (Oxford) Summary: OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the association between weather (barometric pressure, precipitation and temperature) and pain among individuals with osteoarthritis (OA) (n=154) at the following sites: neck, hand, shoulder, knee and foot. METHODS: This prospective study evaluated men and women, aged 49-90 yr, participating in a community-based, osteoarthritis exercise study (June 1998-January 2002). Weekly self-reported pain scores were collected using a visual analogue scale. Statistical tests, including regression and correlation analyses, were conducted. P values < 0.001 were considered significant. RESULTS: The total number of pain recordings varied by site, ranging from 2269 [feet) to 6061 [hands). The mean temperature was 23 degrees C with a low of 0 degrees C and a high of 36 degrees C. Precipitation levels ranged from 0.00-21.08 cm, with a mean of 0.36 cm. Most associations explored produced non-significant findings. However, among women with hand OA, higher pain was significantly associated with days of rising barometric pressure [P < 0.001). CONCLUSION: Among a population of exercisers aged 49 yr and older, overall these findings did not support the hypothesis that weather is associated with pain. While some associations were suggestive of a relationship, largely these findings indicate that weather is quite modestly, if at all, associated with pain from OA. The Arthritis Research Institute of America, Inc., Clearwater, Florida, USA.

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    The weather has no effect on my pain although extreme cold and heat both increase discomfort and stress which in turn makes the pain worse.WR

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    min gets much worse when its cold around me

    c5 complete,

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    My anecdotal (sample of one) response is that my symptoms are worse when the weather improves. There is something twisted about feeling worse when the sun reappears. I have never logged the symptoms vs. barometric pressure, but I suspect that the pressure increase plays a role with my increased symptoms.

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