The first 5-6 years after my DREZ were great. No pain. No spams. I felt like a king able to move mountains. I probably achieved more in those years than any other period in my life. Then both slowly crept back, but not to the same extent as pre-DREZ. I now manage the pain and spasms with a baclofen pump. That really should have been my first choice. But when I had the DREZ in 1993, the pump had been around for just a few years and I wanted it to be a more mature technology before getting it. Today, people should consider getting the pump before a DREZ. They can put other stuff in there besides baclofen for pain.

By the way, as a result of removing a segment of bone from your spine, another side effect of DREZ is scoliosis, which has it's own problems including possibility for more pain and spasms and shoulder injury. Be careful.