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Thread: Bone Pain

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    Bone Pain

    Has anyone experienced this type of pain, as opposed to the characteristic neuropathic pain?

    I am trying to tell the difference. I have been experiencing three types of pain...I am trying to figure the third part out.


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    I've got lots of pain in my shoulder and back but I'm not really sure it's bone pain, and had osteomyelitis in my hip and elbow. Luckily, it was caught fast enough in my elbow, but I lost 6" of my femur toit. I don't know how to describe it other than a constant ache in my elbow. I could feel my elbow but not my hip, just steady AD, sweating, goose bumpps and cold. Demerol helped a lot.WR

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    I'm not sure exactly what kind of pain you're referring to, but it might be similar to what I feel in my foot.

    Last year I had surgery for osteoarthritis (hallux rigidus) in the joint to my big toe. Since then the pain has actually been a little worse. For the most part I can't exactly describe it as joint pain. It's like the bone is more tender there if there's moderate to deep pressure. Pressure hurts, but I could flex the joint for a _long_ time before I have a similar level of pain.

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