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Thread: Ultram/Ultracet and profuse sweating

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    Ultram/Ultracet and profuse sweating

    I have found minor relief in Ultram or Ultracet, but the side-effect is I am literally dripping with sweat. It only seems to happen with these two medications. Is it a sign of something dangerous, or should I not worry?
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    Andrea, It is possible that the sweating is one of the side effects of tramadol, or Ultram. Ultracet combines tramadol with acetaminophen. A good resource is, and the following webpage shows a table where sweating is a side effect for some patients routinely using ultram/ultracet. It is also important not to combine these medications with any over-the-counter drugs.

    More than likely there is nothing to worry about but it would be a good idea to follow up with a question the next time you see the prescribing physician.


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