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    I have tried everything. Now,(because my wife insists) I am going in to talk to some doc about Bio Feedback for pain. Dose anyone know anything about it's efects? My pain is phantom burning where I have no sensation. I am a T-10 Para complete 12 years post injury. I Would apriciate any feedback because I will have to pay out of pocket.

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    "I have tried everything." Including trying to steer the central source region(s) towards as harmonious as possible?
    (Or have that done by someone else?)

    "Now,(because my wife insists) I am going in to talk to some doc about Bio Feedback for pain. Dose anyone know anything about it's efects?"

    Not really. But if it is sticking artificial energies into systems,
    I always found the mere concept brutal for internal energetic balances.
    And not bio at all, but artificially electro-magnetic.
    But might be I confuse this method with another I heard about.

    "My pain is phantom burning where I have no sensation."

    I do not get that. Either it is there or it is not there.

    Sense censored Westie shite about calling real pains transmitted via magic // energetic systems interlinks "phantom" because them are too sense censored and too stupid to get it, for me are just some of the silly Westie science daftness.
    So do you have or don't you have pain there?

    Pain tend to indicate systems disturbances, and as long as them are not gotten to a better stage, it might remain to be there.

    "I am a T-10 Para complete 12 years post injury."

    Giving some competent Lakota healers the pipe as is tradition there, and then making them some financial or other material gift in return for the work, as seems custom there, might be cheaper.
    Though I can't judge from here, what would be more efficient.

    Maybe among the most efficient would be, if you as a steering command central were to work with them regions well enough inside. (And be it energetically.)

    (Though probably not the advice you were looking for.)

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    I don't really know how the biofeedback is going to help with the pain. Hubby is t10, post coming on 2nd year, some muscle return. He has been doing biofeedback for about year and half. It does not releave his pain, mostly brings it on since by trying to move the paralyzed muscle groups, it aggravates the neuropathic sensations (phantom pain). Biofeedback measures the muscle signal that is going to the parts of your body below the level of your injury. You might find out that there are muscle groups that you have have regained signal to. With the proper PT you can strenghten those muslces and have better control of your trunk, maybe even some leg movement (?).
    As for you paying out of pocket, it's considered Occupational Therapy, which the insurance companies usually pay for so many/year. Also Office of Vocational Rehabilitation paid for some of the sessions...

    Is your burning sensation in one part of your body (i.e. abdomen), or does it travel? Have you tried taking Neurontin?


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    I have bizarre nerve pain, too. I have invented a sort of meditation, I guess you'd call it. It distracts my mind from the pain. Are you sleeping OK? That is SO important. If the biofeedback is to teach you to relax thru the pain, or distract you from it, it might work.

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    Regarding bio-feedback, from what I've heard, the answer is "It depends". I know that's not exactly useful, but there are few absolutes, as you've already learned from your past trials with other treatments.

    One reason it could help is that anything that stresses the nervous system will cause nerve pain to notch upward. If you can learn to relax more, perhaps you'll be at least a little better off. Maybe you can even find more benefit, but that would at least be a start.

    And BTW, I do understand what you mean by burning pain where you have no sensation. It's perfectly logical if you think about it, because the neuropathic burning is happening because the sensory nerves are damaged and can't convey "normal" touch or pain sensations. All you have left in this case is the bizarre burning, also known as dysesthesia. It's one of the hallmarks of serious nerve pain and it's one of the most difficult to deal with. I wish you the best of luck. Please let us know if bio-feedback does you any good, if you decide to give it a try.

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