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Thread: Wise,Dave,Nurse,anyone

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    Dr Young Jeff Dave
    My pain is not described as anyone else has I feel like I am being shot LOTS of drugs keep it down most time & me do you all OFF THE RECORD see anything here that my be causing these horrible shooting pains please help if you can, anyone I think I have attached the report?(*&^%

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    I don't see my attachment I e-mailed it to Dave perhaps H can accomplish it for me
    Thanks all

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    Debbi, I can't read your attachment. It does not open in Word or any other program that I have. Wise.

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    Here's a copy of the report in MS Word format. The formatting of a text is a little funky because of the text recognition software that was used after scanning, but it is pretty readable.

    Debbi, I hope this helps.

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    I am working on your report. So far all I can say is that you need a whole new approach to managing your pain. I believe it is definately caused by the damage you suffered, but there needs to be a better way to combat this than the drug list that you shared with me. I will write more soon.

    Sorry it is taking so long...its a bit of a juggle lately...


    ...and she lived happily ever after...

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    Mary, with Debbi's permission, could you post her report?

    I think it's important that Wise and the SCI nurses have input into this also, rather than just your opinion.


    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    Marmalady, Mary has talked to me about this situation. David posted an OCR version of the document and I was able to read it.

    Debbi's, I read the report and your previous postings. As I have indicated previously, I don't know what to suggest. There are multiple reasons for pain but you also have had multiple surgeries that aggravated the situation. I am not sure that further surgery would help.


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    Rest assured, I do not have the habit of rendering "just my opinion" to anyone here when it is a question of a medical issue. I am a licensed medical professional and I have at my disposal some very good professional resources who have made themselves available to lend a hand when I review the requests that I get for help on this website. They are also licensed professionals namely several nurses, several doctors,a certified midwife a few scientists and a doctor who is also an attorney. I also have the ability to consult with a few psychologists and therapists. I take my time and you will also note that when I am sent files I generally discuss them with Wise via e-mail or in the chatroom in the middle of the night when all the sane people are sleeping. I have on occasion copied these posts to the Care Forum for the sci nurses to have easy access to the questions. I believe in Collaborative Medicine. No one person has all of the answers and people in pain deserve the best possible treatment.

    Thank you,

    Mary Greene, R.N.

    ...and she lived happily ever after...

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    Mary - I apologize if I misread your post. you do have to admit that from your wording, it sure sounded like you were taking the reins in your own hands. "Nuff said.

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    If you would care to see Debbi's report, see the attachment to my post below. I posted it (at Debbi's request) the day before you asked Mary to post it to the forum. I'm sure that Debbi would welcome any suggestions she might receive.

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