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Thread: Covering the cost of pain meds!?

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    Covering the cost of pain meds!?

    I'm having a really hard time finding A Medicare supplemental policy that will cover some of the cost of Oxycontin. Since my wife left her company (and my company is too small for coverage), we no longer have an HMO.

    The cost of oxycontin alone is almost $400/month! Where do those of you on Medicare get your pain medications?


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    I am not sure which pharmaceutical company makes oxycontin but several companies have a "patient assistance program" where you fill in your financial info, the doctor fills in that he has prescribed the medication, and once approved, they ship the medicine to your physician for you to pick up at his office. I know this has worked with other lesser type -narcotic pain medications (ultram, vicodin) but it's worth asking your physician about. So often they don't realize how much of a burden the costs of medication can be... hope it helps. Sarah

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