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Thread: questionn on pain and tingleing

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    questionn on pain and tingleing

    What are you all using to stop the tingleing in my calves and especially my feet, My feet feel like they are asleep all the time. They tingle constantly, it makes it very difficult to sleep . Some nights worse than others. I also have trouble now with my fingers going numb and pain in my hands at night. Some nights the only way they will stop hurting is to hang themm off the side of the bed, or set up in bed. I got a firm mattress when first home from the hospital but am now wondering if it is to firm, possibly cutting off circulation in arms and hands. Thanks Galen. L1 burst fracture. (my L1 was completely gone)

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    Your hands?

    An L1 injury shouldn't cause your hands to hurt, I don't think. Mine hurt, but I'm C5-6. For the feet neurontin seems to be the only option. Betheny

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    maybe you have a neck injury 2? or could be like you said just hard matress putting pressure on nerves or circulation?

    i have always used an egg crate pad with sheep skin on top, with just regular matress i wake feeling like i was beat with a stick.

    i am c6-7 have tingling burning in fingers constantly, i have noticed if i get upset stomach or bladder infection tingling in fingers gets real painful.

    i sometimes get a feeling my legs are bent or in an uncomfortable position but no mater how i bend them feeling stays the same.

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    Galen, your pain sounds very atypical of neuropathic pain, particularly what is happening to your arms and hands. Have you seen a doctor about this? If not, I think that you should. Are your hands hot or cold when you feel the tingling? The reason that I am asking is that if it is lack of circulation, your hands should feel cold. Anyway, you need to get it checked out. Wise.

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    Many parts of my body tingle, in addition to the burning/pulling/cramped/et al sensations. Damaged nerves are screwy things.

    Sometimes, even my non-paralyzed parts tingle, but not as much as the always-tingly paralyzed parts.

    Anyone ever tried phenobarbital? Someone suggested that. What next - birth control pills?

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    Forget the birth control pills...they don't work for the pain and burning and tingling in non paralyzed me...I know!


    ...and she lived happily ever after...

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    Tingling, burning and feeling like electric shocks are zapping me has been with my feet and legs since near day one.WR

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    I was put on Neurontin for the burning, tingling. It is an anti-convulsant used primairely for epilepsy. My Dr. wanted me to go to 1800mg per day, but due to the side-effects, such as extreme sleepiness and not being able to think properly, I have not gotten past the daily dose of 900mg per day. Even so, I find it does help.

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    Galen, I had the same "asleep" tingle for 20 some years now, doesn't bother my sleeping though. I find that if I keep busy I don't really notice it as much as when I'm just hangin out. mostly my feet feel worse when bad weather is coming belive it or not.

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