Mrsnomis, I agree with Metro, try 10 mgs of elavil at night, it works well for me too,I sleep like a baby. 25 is alot and can knock you out. Neurontin works well also and did for me but each dosage increase packed on 5 lbs for myself. I weaned myself off ot it and have chose to not take it. It can take time to regulate a medication and your doctor should help you.

Metro, thanks for the acupuncture advice. I am currently lookng into it locally and want to give it a try.

Brian, I appreciate farmers. My Dad was raised on a farm and I spent my summers there, where I learned so much. I hate labels too or any sort of preconceived ideas, thoughts or notions about people.

My blood pressure was always ,very,very low. It is now high and the doctors attribute this to CP.