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Thread: Accidental overdoses

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    Si took just one 25mg Elavil. It knocked him out from 10:30/11:00 p.m. until 2:00 p.m. the next day. He was extremely groggy when he finally pulled himself out of bed. He hates feeling drugged so he never tried another.

    He really liked the acupuncture but I didn't feel that we could afford to keep having him go if it wasn't doing anything for him.

    Do you use the Chinese herbs too. Si wasn't able to use those because he's on coumadin.

    (spouse of imnomis T-12 incomplete)

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    only herb i have tried is marijuana

    i only took 10 mg once in awhile 20 mg of elavil in evening , it does male you sleepy. and since my pain is always worse at night, even 2am 3am, the sleep is a good thing, in fact the quality of my sleep is always recorded in my pain log, many nights i had to take extra meds at 3 am when the pain woke me out of my sleep. si could try 10 mg of elavil and see how that works, they sat the side effects dissipate in a week or so, however the sleepiness may stay, i had good success with 10mg, even tried 5 mg too.
    i am using desiprmaine now at 25 mg , it s a tricylcic also, i have also tried nortriptyline too. i think elavil worked the best on the pain.

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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by David Berg:

    Originally posted by metronycguy:
    Brian, marijuana does not work for a lot of the chronic people here, or the side effects are undesirable for daytime use....however i would not want to have to smoke it during the day to relieve my pain, i dont like the associated buzz, and munchies!
    david . please its not right to quote me out of context like that
    in my original statement i stated in the next line that i was in support of medical marijuane for pain. this editing of the middle of my statement, change the whole thought. i agree let the doctors prescribe heroin or whatever for pain.
    myself i would rather be on neurontin than marijuana as far as mental capabilities and clarity and for ADL

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    Well you should not use mmj before you drive a car or operate heavy machinery, just like most other heavy pain meds, if you are busy during the day you tend to keep your mind off the pain more, cuts my pain a little more then half, livable for me, and takes 2 or 3 days after using it for all the pain and spasms to come back.-[/QUOTE]
    Brian what i am trying to say is everybody's pain is different , and so are our lives , i need to drive daily , and being busy did not lessen my pain, it was 24/7 . i guess i could have sat home and and taken percocet too , i would not have been able to drive with that either, and not try to lead a life,
    but i found that other drug combinations such as tricylics and anti seizures let me lead a pretty normal pain free life with out all the mental confusion and buzz associated with mj . there are people that have pain during the day and have jobs they are trying to do well at, neurontin was a hindurance, but better than mj for work purposes

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    I agree with Metro, everyones pain is different and so are life styles which can dictate what meds are appropriate. It can take time, trial and error and adjustments in dosage to figure out what works for you.

    Having said that though, I think MM should be allowed for health issues. I myself can't see using it daily because of the side effects I had from past experiances. I know I could not function normally. However, I would never dismiss it completly and still consider it an option in the back of my mind.

    Imnomis, Elavil works well for me and I discovered after almost 5 years of different dosages that 10 mgs works best. 25 mgs may be way too much for your hubby but tricylcics seem to work well for many with chronic pain. Sleeping (which elavil produces)is such a big issue for those in pain too and without a proper nights sleep pain is worse for me the next day. Consult your doctor and see what he/she says. 10 mgs may do the trick.

    Metro, how often would you have acupuncture for pain and how long would it last? Am considering this option as well.


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    I understand, I am just afraid of pills, to many people getting messed up from them and they upset my stomach
    and you dont have to get stoned out of your mind like Princess "Leia" must have for mmj to work on pain.
    can you have one beer or do you drink a 12 pack?
    I never smoke up and drive or get on a tractor, like I said if i had a little the night before the pain is still cut in half the next day

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    Do you realize many medications have different and adverse affects on people just as marijuana does? Many medications can also make big improvements on someone's life who suffer with chronic pain. Many people do not end up messed up from medications!

    Please reread my post and do not rewrite what I have stated. Why is this such a common practice in the forums? You assumed way to much to say that I "had to get stoned out of my mind for marijuana to work on pain". I never said I had used marijuana for pain but that "I would not dismiss it completly and still consider it an option in the back of my mind". I have always tried to be open minded when it comes to my own chronic pain.

    I could not fuction normally from side effects I had in past experiancesfrom marijuana(recreational use)which were extreme dizziness(not from being high)very poor balance and nausea/upset stomach. (Just like you say medications does to your stomach, upsetting it)These were the side effects for me and I could not funtion normally.

    I don't drink so I can not answer you question about beer if it was intended for me.


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    Originally posted by imnomis:


    How scary for you. You've got to keep track of what you're taking if there is no one at home to track it with you. Just be careful!

    Si felt like he had an overdose after taking just one Elavil. It put him out for over 15 hours and he had to force himself to get up at that. He hasn't taken another one since. I think it helped with the pain, but he prefers having the pain to losing himself.

    By the way, I'm pretty dense sometimes. What is the charcoal all about?

    (spouse of imnomis T-12 incomplete)
    I posted this in December 2002 and was really surprised to see it bumped so far up. It sat all by it's lonesome for a long time. I just got bored today and the pain is extreme so I clicked on the pain forum.I'm glad Si is okay. I've never heard of elavil.
    I'm now on 200mcg's of fentanyl along with darvocet. xanax, vioxx and my baclofen pump.
    It's not helping much.

    I think forcefeeding activated charcoal has been a time tested treatment for toxic overdoses. It binds itself to chemicals and reduces the effect. Thank you for your concern.

    I noted with interest the controversy over MM and IMO it should be legal and I'd be waiting in line if it suddenly became available. I'd use it now if I wasn't a prosecuting attorney. I'm also an old hippie, having 1st used the "killer weed" in Vietnam and in my college years thereafter and I believe it's a lot safer than the stuff I now take by prescription only. The fentanyl practically has to be delivered via armored cars.

    Thanks again and best wishes to you and family. WR

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    Originally posted by brian54806:

    Thank God you cannot overdose from medical marijuana.and has never been a death from it recorded in the usa,1000 a yr die from can control how much you need, if you do to much you will just clean out the fridge.
    Old sci friends that have used pot insted of other meds are in alot better shape then people messed up from other meds over the years.
    I would NEVER think of ever taking vicodin,xanax,darvocet,fentanyl,clonipen, ect,ect,ect it is crazy.
    You would if your Blood Pressure was 240/100 something for 8-10 hrs straight and flopping around like a fish ut of water.WR

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    QUOTE]Metro, how often would you have acupuncture for pain and how long would it last? Am considering this option as well.

    have been going to acupuncture 2 x week or almost 3 years 2 years, my workers comp insurance pay for it. the last time i stopped for a about 8 weeks, my pain went through the roof,many percocets ,anti seizure meds. once i restarted with in a week my pain was back to a level that i could just use a tricyclic and 1 or 2 ultrams a day, no longer using anti seizure meds.
    last week i brought in the research article posted to my acupuncturist, the research article showed the best freq and wave patterns for the electrical Stim, we;ll See what difference that makes.electroacupuncture

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