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Thread: dilaudid in intrathecal medtronic pump

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    There is all sorts of information about the baclofen pump and the stuff you can put in it here. I've had a lot of experience with it, with baclofen and Dilaudid, most of which are posted there. Check it out and you may find what you're looking for their.
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    I have an intrathecal dilaudid pump. I have had it since December and after some initial complications from the surgery, I am in the process or increasing the medication to a therapeutic level. I have begun to see success with reduction in pain levels ranging from a normal of 7-10 constant pain to a 6 steady pain. The Dr. has begun to scale back the increases because I am now just shy of 2mg/d. I imagine significant relief can be achieved within the nest few months. It has taken over 3 years of excruciating pain to find something to help reduce the pain. I have no problems with the dilaudid and since morhpine makes me ill, Dilaudid was the first choice. It's a horrible journey and I wouldn't wish it on anyone but don't ever give up. I know I wanted to many times but if I had, I wouldn't be experiencing the pain relief I am now. Some progress to be made but it will just take time. Best wishes!

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    I have been using morphine & baclofen in my pump for 2 yrs. now with a catheter break & pump revision surgery 4 X in the past 12 months. I have reached a point where the morphine dose is so high as to effect me physically (tired, fatigued, confused at X etc.) yet provide almost no pain relief (severe neuropathic in left foot and leg) and the baclofen is just about right (morphine rate 11 mg./day & baclofen 250 micrograms/day. I just underwent a dilaudid trial involving injection of .025mg. of dilaudid into the intrathecal space. When my pain mgmt. M.D. returns from vacation the plan is to substitute dilaudid for morphine & then titrate up to a hopefully therapeutically effective dose for pain relief w/o the side effects referenced above. DOES ANYONE OUT THERE HAVE PERTINENT EXPERIENCE WITH DILAUDID IN THE PUMP OR ANY SALIENT ADVICE TO OFFER ME IN THIS ONGOING AND NEVERENDING SEARCH FOR RELIEF AND THEN A LIFE???

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    angeleyesang- Thanks for posting. If you don't mind, can you complete your profile or indicate your sci injury/need for pump. Specifically, do you have central pain or neuropathic pain? If yes, did the pump help with this type of pain? how much? are there other meds in your pump? Please be patient with my many questions, a pump has been recommended for me and I am trying to gather information as I await pending insurance approval...Thanks
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