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Thread: SCI Pain Study In Boston

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    SCI Pain Study In Boston

    The Department of Anesthesia at the Massachusetts General Hospital is conducting a research project to evaluate an investigational drug as a treatment for pain caused by spinal cord injury (SCI). Individuals between the ages of 18 and 70 with SCI who have persistent pain for a minimum of 3 months may be eligible. The study requires 6 to 9 clinic visits. For more information, please contact Kate Jenkins at 617-724-0330, or email
    IRB# 2002-P-000408

    website: or

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    SCI Pain Study In Boston

    I am a C5 incomplete with severe central nerve pain in my legs and thighs.I recently took part in these trials and found the experience extremely worthwhile. During the week I spent at the hospital, I found the staff both extremely competent and dedicated. In my case I did note a reduction of symptoms during two of the sessions at the clinic.

    I believe that that this facility will contribute enormously to finding a treatment for central nerve pain.


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    Thank you!

    We enjoyed working with you. As you know our goal is alleviate if not abolish SCI pain. We would not be able to do our research without the time and dedication of people like you.

    The study team at MGH
    Kate, Shauna, Aparna and Dr. Sang

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