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Thread: phantom pains

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    phantom pains

    Why do I some times have pains in my hips and buttox that feels like pin pricks, also if someone suprises/annoys me I'll have a shooting pain in my legs?? I supposedly have a severed spinal cord at approximately T11/12, I don't have spasms or sensation otherwise, whats up?

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    i too have pin pricks...however mine are in my fingertips. when someone startles me it feels as if i have been struck by lightning or i stuck my finger in a socket. my injury is c-5 incomplete. hope your injury pain lessons with time...yours truly..patricia

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    Loud noises, anytime anyone drops something on the floor I get lightning type pains in my back, legs, butt, toes. Sometimes it feels like lightning is going to shoot out my toes. I don't know what this means and thought it would subside but has not. I am C6-C7 complete, 6 months post. I have pretty intense spasms. I have tingling in my arms and hands and numbness. It is not as painful as it is annoying.

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    SCI is an extremely stressing experience. As such we are very prone to chronic severe stress and anxiety disorders. A major symptom of this is an enhanced startle reaction, where seemingly minor noises can really rock you. I have that though since I've removed some stressors in my life it's a bit better. The startle reaction can be linked to other physiologic reactions such as spasm, blood pressure, etc.

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