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Thread: 4ap and pain

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    4ap and pain

    I started taking 4ap 4 months ago and have developed pain at my feeling line at the bottom of both shoulder blades.Can 4ap cause pain?

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    Brian, 4AP is believed to improve sensory. I know of a couple of people who stoped taking it because of an increase in pain. The bright side is that it also deminishes spasticity so it just might be a trade off.

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    Marijuana and its legal derivative can also increase pain by heightening perception. Marijuana is good for spasms - don't know if marinol is. MJ is worth a try if ever legalized for medicinal use.

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    Brians, althought this is still relatively limited data, it appears that 4-AP can unmask painful sensations that are there. This is because the drug can improve sensation and if you have a reason for the pain, you can feel it. In some people, it seems to reduce neuropathic pain but this is not consistent.


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