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Thread: Dosage Recommendations to Start Taking Neurontin

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    Dosage Recommendations to Start Taking Neurontin

    Dr. Wise, using 400mg of Neurontin, what ramping up procedure do you recommend to start the program? I'd like to work my way back up to 3200mg a day. I stopped taking it last June and want to give it another try.

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    Squawvally, I really do not have direct experience with neurontin and don't know the currently recommended approach to ramping up the dose. Here are some web sites that provide quite a lot of information on the subject, however, i.e.

    I understand that it is best to ramp up slowly over several weeks.


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    Neurontin ramping

    We start on 300 mg. daily, at bedtime, and continue this for 5 days, then increase by 300 mg. daily (in divided doses) every 5 days until the person has sufficient relieve, or until we decide that it will not be effective (usually between 3600-4500 mg. daily). This seems to help avoid some of the sedation side effects common when starting Neurontin.


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