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Thread: Electrical Stimulation for Pain Relief

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    Electrical Stimulation for Pain Relief

    Is anyone aware of a subcutaneous electrical device, which is placed near or on top of the spinal cord to scramble the pain signal? If so, what is it called and where can you get it?

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    Spinal Cord Stimulator

    Sounds like a spinal cord stimulator to me. "Today's article" on is about them. Go to their on-line library and you'll find lots of information. Two companies I know of make them.

    Like all things, they are very helpful to some people and not very helpful to others. What I've read says their helpfulness decreases over time, but it very well could be worth a shot. I wouldn't let anyone put one in me who hadn't done LOTS.


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    Thanks, Calico.


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    I had spinal cord stimulator for a year. It didn't help. The stimulator position was revised three times before it was removed. They could never get it above the injury level (C-5), as something blocked its progress (probably scarring.)

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